July 27, 2004

What You Won't See At the Convention

I need to remind myself to read these more often. Trouble is, I tend to do my blog reading at lunch (like now), and Frank's work can lead to food in places it was never intended to go.

Chomps made a hacking sound. Finally, he coughed up a Birkenstock.

"I told you not to murder Democrats!" Laura yelled at Bush.

"I didn't, honey!" Bush protested, "I just stood back and laughed as Chomps did."

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June 01, 2004

Beal or Something

I have nothing to write about that someone else hasn't covered. But Brian warned me that I'd best put SOMETHING up here, so I guess I'll do some linking before I go back to cursing (or trying not to) at Starcraft.

Steve of AdRants reports that Invincible singer Pat Benetar is endorsing Energizer and hearing aids. Maybe it's Pat's fault I have hearing issues.

LeeAnn has a redesign.

Juliette from Baldilocks posts about non-white America and patriotism. As always, her piece is thought provoking and genuine. Oh, and Allah's back.

Matt of Blackfive just celebrated his 7th wedding anniverary. Brian and I were married May 22, 1999 (don't think either of us posted about that) and just celebrated our 5th.

No more posts about cilantro, I promise. Basil, though, yum. I was lazy for Memorial Day - rode across windy Illnois, but that's about it.

God Bless Our Veterans. Humans, send them books.


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April 26, 2004

The Funny Award for the Day..and More

Not in much of a writing mood this evening, so linklink.

Baldilocks cracks me up with a one-liner of found poetry.

Go sign Sgt. Hook's birthday card site.

Drinking Rams are bad dogs. You'd think that after a man kills someone while drinking and driving, he would cease to drink and drive. Nope.

I think that'll end it. I have a date with a weight bench and then a bike.


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March 02, 2004

Bonfire of the Vanities - Week 35

It's the burning time of the week - the time for the best of the worst of the best to surface amongst some rather stinky flames.

Week 35. (Somebody get me a drumroll?)

First, visit Red Wheelbarrow for some roasted chicken (mmmm) and, wow, some roasted Ann Coulter. Jerry then tells us all about Inane Bill's teeth and threatens to roast Alan Greenspan, who runs away screaming. This is all in a pseudo-Oscar theme.

Quote of the post? "Alan Greenspan, in directing the Fed, wants to go on to direct Social Security, cell phone safety, and proper removal of stuck legos from your face after you fall asleep on them."

Owen of Boots and Sabers has way too much time and bad graphics software on his hands. He's missing a line in Missouri, too; I shouldn't even include his post. Where's the burning and the controversy? Sigh.

Quote of the post? "You are here->" (Left me little choice)

Michael Friedman talks all about hair and the lack thereof. Michael, kind soul that he is, offered the tagline "Michael Friedman explores the ancient Chinese art of comb overs." You know, I can't let him off that easily.

I'm including the picture instead of a quote. Caption contest anyone?


John Moore of Useful Fools enables Johnk to use has favorite f-word in a shadow caption.

But no mention of Treebeard.

Josh Cohen makes me squint with his site design. You should go squint, too. If you stare squintily long enough, you may see Princess Leia, too.

Oh, and then he links to a site for his book. [reading]. Ooh, Josh has four cats! You're right, Josh, this post is burning brightly enough to fuel Wyoming for a week.

Josh also commented on his submission and used the words "fellatio" and "Sean Hannity." (I know, Mom, I can't put THAT on my site, but I did remember to put the period within the quotes).

Alex Dunn tells us that he's a "grown ass man."

Andrew Ian Dodge (who has such a cool name - means he's bad for the Bonfire) talks about Venom. And he doesn't mean Kate, and that's my only point of reference.

"Of course, we all know why Colby likes 'em, because Cronos used to wear a hockey mask."

Harvey proclaims himself an angel. And then he breaks into song. Or something. And he manages to hyphenate innuendo-laden. But he blows it by writing in a circle, a Reynolds-dinner-to-be puppy chasing his tail.

Dave of Blogo Slovo presents us with a slow-loader. Blogspot's such a tease.

His post is about dried venison hide. I think there's a poem in that. Be sure to rhyme in "Bush lied" and end the thing with "people died." Then eat your tofu.

Nathan of The Argus discusses monkeys running wild and Earth's women. Yep.

Well, that's what I get out of it. He describes it as "Two weeks in a row, I let out strange facts about me to the world. Despite being a man, I'm apparently a closet lesbian, and now I let everyone know that monkey riots haunt my dreams." Yes, Nathan, but have you COUNTED the monkeys? That might explain everything.

Kin provides us with the litter's runt (shouldn't runty be a word - I think so). His son wants to be a father at 4.

MuNu's own Susie reviews some movies. I can't read her post because I may want to see these movies. So I'll pick random words and make something up.

"We used to have a chain called Belmont. A Belmont store was great. You could go in and come out with a can opener, 5 yards of flannel, a lamp shade, a dowel rod, Monopoly, shampoo, crayons, half a pound of Brach's candy, a Birthday card, a new bra and one plate to match your Corelle."

You see, this is a post about things you should buy together to make all the men in the store go "hmmmm." My Corelle was always plain white, so everything matched it.

MuNu's Snoozy Jim tells us his wife is getting shots for the puppy. Can she get shots for my cats, too? They hate them. I digress.

He brings Snoozebob to life. Run one, run all. Don't look back.

Bryan McAnally teaches us the proper use of the word "blaccent." Stun your friends!

Kiril Kundurazieff debates with the television while watching the Democratic Debate (did I just capitalize that? I did. I feel dirty).

"You know things aren't gonna be promising from the gitgo when Larry King tells his audience that we will benefit from learning who will lead this country for the next 4 years.

Um, Larry, dude....

Would you like to borrow my glasses, man?"

Sean of The American Mind begs for an Instalanche. Hey, if you have to do something for the Bonfire, begging's good. Even if it's not for _YOUR_ Instalanche. Hi, Glenn, remember me?

Can't leave out the Esteemed Spouse. He thinks that our government should claim it can teleport (or otherwise quickly remove) and thereby depose unpopular leaders or dictators. After all, isn't that what happened in Haiti? **Poof** Perhaps the VRWC can score on this one.

Eric of Classical Values provides this week's novel. It features Howard Stern, Crumb girls (and he's nice enough not to call me one) and many, many updates.

Ady from Ripe Bananas mistakes the Bonfire for the Carnival. Ady, you're a day off; you can retract your post if you like, though. Naaaa.

She titles her post "Nature Magazine Bias Watch - writer in British scientific journal thinks military ordnance is used when people get angry." But I call it "can't find because links are blogsplatted." Ady - meet Pixy Misa. Come on over to the dark side.

I think it's the PETA post, which always gets points with me. Ady, the PETA post can NEVER be your worst of the week. Visit it anyway.

And, rounding out this week's collection, Kevin of Wizbang! discusses Raiders of the Lost Ark but doesn't mention Toht. Doh! He thinks no one cares about his entry; I care.

Next week's Bonfire smolders at Pragmatic Conservatism.


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February 24, 2004

Bonfire of the Vanities

Coming soon to an Angelweave near you. Next week, in fact. Yes, I'll be hosting the Bonfire, fitting, as most of my work of late is worthy.

This week, though, lest I get ahead of myself, the Bonfire's at The Argus.

Oh, and I promise not to use the word "crap." And I don't even like fire. So this could be interesting.


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February 12, 2004

What I Read Today

Still not really in a writing mood. That beal infestation - tough to beat. But, it's not gotten everyone yet, so check these posts out.

The Meatriarchy has an excellent post about what he sees as the problem with hockey today, and he proposes some good fixes. Someone get the NHL commissioner on the phone, please. I'd remember his name if my Blues weren't doing so horribly, I'm sure. Bettman or something like that?

Geek love, ah. Kinda like Brian's poem to me in Java a few years ago. Pixy Misa's got HTTPanties for you.

And I thought I had a weird dream last night... Actually, I did. I killed someone accidentally with a knife in my dream, but I turned myself in during the dream. Granted, it was two days later and after putting the body in the attic (and I worry about rotten pork?), but I don't think I was punished too badly by the authorities. I should've written this one down - this doozy of a dream. Anyway, LeeAnn wants to tell you all about the bagels. She's not afraid of carbohydrates.

According to Owen at Boots and Sabers, a group at Beloit college is pushing for gender-neutral bathrooms. Why, praytell, why? I mean, there're causes like save the Garanimals that are more worthy than this. Send these people to a gay bar instead! Problem solved - gender neutral bathrooms. Oh, wait. Time for another of Heather's bad graphics symbols.

And, last but not least, Frank J. warns us about our enemy, JohnK.

I must go burn some carbs now.


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February 09, 2004

Vocabulary Lessons: Phrases

Joe Carter of the evangelical outpost teaches us about semantics and Vietnam.


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January 28, 2004

The Password is Broken

Venomous Kate, bless her, broke some toes a few days ago. Poor dear - it HURTS. Especially if you dislocate 'em, too - hope that wasn't the case for her. Aaron of Free Will broke his nose.

Toes. Nose. They Rhyme, and they're... Broken. Yeah, I think that's a theme, boys and girls. Broken.

Broken - an obnoxious poem
This hockey player surely knows,
And traffic stalls, no normal flows
for broken is the way it goes.

A boiler shuts the school to close
and hand displac-ed shattered foes
though broken is the way it goes.

Eh? Scammed tobacco you suppose?
ring broken down by federal pros.
Cause broken is the way it goes.

And straight from Yahoo, marriage woes
to software monopoly action grows?
Remember ladies - broken is as broken goes.

Ask Kate, ask Aaron
Each surely knows
When something been broken
nurse your toes or nose.

(Have I ever mentioned how much I hate end rhyme? I am now). Anybody else broken?


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January 18, 2004

New Blog Showcase

My votes this week go to American Amnesia for Insurgency in Iraq. and to Ivy for her commentary about a poem about paired things.


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January 11, 2004

New Blog Showcase

A lot of good writing again this week. Briefly, I vote for What's Grosser than Gross from American Footprint, Howard Dean Says Something, by Flummery, and You're Stupid, by Go Dubya.

Honorable mention (which is still a vote in my rules) is Proust in his first book wrote.... I really like the writer's style, though his blog name definitely goes against him. Metastatsis. Yick. I'd prefer not to.


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January 04, 2004

New Blog Showcase

Two votes this week - one for Robert Holcomb's "We're the Best Candidate" and one for The Surly Guy's So Your Heroes Have Always Been Serial Killers.


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December 31, 2003


I didn't even SUBMIT anything for the Bonfire, and yet Kevin got me. I'm weeks behind on getting my name and writing (good and bad) "out there."


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December 28, 2003

New Blog Showcase

Wow - this week hasn't flown like some of the others where on Sunday I scratch my head and say, "wow, it's THAT time again."

Still, to get the voting thing done and checked off of my to-do list, my votes are for My Word's post and Front Page News' post on The Point.


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December 21, 2003

New Blog Showcase (and Housekeeping)

Okay - should be back to normal blogging (more of it) in the coming weeks. I hope to actually have some time off where I'm not doing something Christmas related very soon.

Here's my vote for the New Blog Showcase.


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December 14, 2003

New Blog Showcase

And...500th post. Does that legitimatize me or something? Likely no. 500 more.

I especially liked anti-antiwar's hope for success. Equally impressive was the post on Locke, or Demosthenes about economics and reconstruction contracts.


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December 10, 2003

And While I'm Mostly Away...

I would like to kindly remind you that there is plenty of solid, well-written Noggle posting conducted by the greater Noggle.

Brian invents a new curse word at the expense of one of the Democratic "finest."

And then he reminds you about your paltry salary.

Good night. I'll tell you all about bon-bons sometime tomorrow.


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December 07, 2003

New Blog Showcase

This week brought some fine writing.

I enjoyed reading Rose Buroway, Political Scientist from Although the author and I probably don't share too many common political views, the writing was sound, the language luscious, and I'll return to the blog. I also want to learn more about Guantanamo after reading that.

On the non-political end of the spectrum, "When John Denver Died" gets my vote.


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December 04, 2003

Ahem, Mr. Green

Let's talk a bit about communication, readers. I have a degree in it, so that ought to count for something.

With any message, there's, at the simplest, a sender and a receiver. Now, I as a sender may have one intent when he or she releases the message, and the receiver may twist it in a way to suit his or her needs/desires (I shouldn't talk about needs or desires in this post). I believe that's what happened here. I mean, I do it myself - like take Frank J. literally and laugh at him when he calls his brother a bastard.

I digress.

You see, I mentioned this to Mr. Green, in response to a quite funny post (most of them are lately - he's doing well on that funny pill regimen). I shall quote myself.
    First, you are quickly becoming one of the blogosphere's funniest bloggers.

    Second, you forgot to mention Gainpro penis enlargement. When I first began blogging, this is where ALL my hits came from (I went through the spam in my hotmail inbox one day, and 25% of the mail was from Gainpro).

    Gainpro! Put it in your main post.

And here's what er, arose from it. Be ready to laugh. Mother, you may chide him. Go comment on his blog.

Hey, everybody, it's penis humor week at angelweave!


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Welcome to Mike the Marine

Mike the Marine has made the transition from reader to writer/reader. And it's a good thing.

He fisks an automobile?

He offers a disclaimer!

He's also getting blogrolled as soon as I find the time to update. Breathe, Heather, breathe. Probably this weekend, Mike. "Blogroll changes" is on the whiteboard.

Oh, and he reads me daily? I never would've known. He only comments like y'know, once every month maybe. Am I that uncommentable people, I mean, come on! If you'd have signed up for a Christmas card, you would've had the bonus of a PETA address label (which I just think is hilarious), but noooooo, you people who have the audacity to visit me and NOT COMMENT and NOT E-MAIL and NOT LINK to some of my brilliant artistry...okay, I'd best chill.

This post was about Mike the Marine, right? I think I need to get to the gym. Focus, Heather. A manic blogger does no one any good.


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December 02, 2003

Adam Posts!

No, really - it's like one a month, but I do enjoy reading it. It's entitled "Why I hate being a republican, or my secret life as a democratic stooge." Interestingl...a sample:

    I love the language of this article. It is an amazing tribute to how "the right wing media machine" loves to slant everything wildly. Demon-crats and Communists hold hands and dance on the graves of hardworking American families. Yeah, ok... Just like I'm a uncaring facist who slays children in their sleep to ensure the racial purity of our nation.
The post.


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Quick Links

I'm way behind in reading, and I made some inroads in catching up yesterday, but, naa, let's face it - I'm behind.

A few quick things of note around the blogosphere.

Kate's resumed Letter of the Day with "M" yesterday. M linkees, I'll try to get to you, but, sigh...

Kevin of Wizbang! is accepting nominations for Weblog Awards (many, many categories).

Little Green Footballs is sponsoring the 2003 Robert Fisk Award for Idiotarian of the Year (found via Wizbang).

Snooze Button Dreams offers The Bestofme Symphony. Posts you submit must be at least 2 months old, and they don't have to be your posts. Check it out. (Saw this on Jennifer's History and Stuff and Electric Venom.)

Blackfive is running a virtual Soup Kitchen.

Baldilocks offers some well-thought words on the death of a 400-pound man who had a likely drug-induced run-in with some police officers. Oh, and he was black.

Trey Givens is back. The Peruvian ladies love him.

Hans is posting. Like, a lot. He gently laments the fall of Blogshares.

Frank J. is having a readership drive. Huh? I pointed him to the Bartender.

Jennifer admonishes the blogger suffering from blog multiplicity.


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December 01, 2003

King of Blogs

One step closer to crowning the King!

First Round Winners at the King of the Blogs Tournament are... Visit.


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November 30, 2003

New Blog Showcase

Phew - I've been busy this weekend - little blogging. I put this on my to-do list, so this is sure to get done.

I was disappointed to see that the number one entry so far this week is a short snippet about global warming. It'd be fine if it were a well-written blog entry about global warming, but it's really just a synopsis. But, because it's about a controversial left-wing touted topic, I'm guessing the League of Liberals is aswarming to link to it. When I write a single-paragraph synopsis, it's a "hey, look at this," but I certainly don't expect any kudos about anything rather than FINDING the thing.

That - to me - is not what this is about. This contest is to find and expose some of the best new blogs. This contest is not about "what the League of Liberals" or "The Alliance" or "The Axis of Naughty" wants exposed. It's not about "what we agree with." It's about good writing. Period. So I'm a bit disheartened by that on the political side.

That being said, I was impressed with three entries this week.

Baysense, a new environmentally focused blog, wrote about the purpose of the blog. I'll be watching.

Blogslut, a blog about porn, politics and punditry, as it says, wrote an objective account about Michael Jackson. What I liked most is that there's no judgment here, and there's no presumption of guilt. If you've not read it, it's worth your time.

And, finally, venturpreneur talks about The Fiduciary Duty of Good Faith.


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November 22, 2003

New Blog Showcase

This week's vote.


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November 18, 2003

Name Your Company

Steve Hall of Ad Rants points us to What Brand Are You, which was SUPPPOSED to be a joke. Well, y'know...

Here's what he has to say about it, and check out the site.

    In a telling tribute to the vapid mentality of the advertising industry, marketers registered over 20 of 150 fake brand names from a web site poking fun at the ridiculousness of corporate re-branding. Created as a spoof by U.K. ad agency Design Conspiracy, the site, What Brand Are You, asked marketers to enter a set of brand attributes and then click a button to get an auto-generate a brand name. Rather than get the joke, over 20 marketers used the site to generate a brand name and then registered it as a real brand. Some of the spoof brand names that are now "real" are Amplifico, Integriti, Thinc and Winwin.
Ooh, he said "vapid."

Incidentally, I'm ditto (fed it angelweave).

Maybe not.


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Wizbang Snap! Crackle! Pop! Spark!

Bonfire raging.


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November 17, 2003

The Newspaper Wants Your Heartstrings

Matt O' Blackfive quotes a bit of a Chicago Tribune article about the deportation of illegal immigrants. It reads, however, more like a story of desperation and loss intended to make you decry "the system."

Go read.


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Twenty-six chosen, lucky, priveleged individuals are featured in Kelley's Cul-de-sac this week. I'm one of 'em. With luck and skill, I'll read all of these others this week!


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November 16, 2003

New Blog Showcase

These week's vote is Collected Miscellany's An Interview with John Derbyshire.


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November 11, 2003

What's that Crackling?

Why, it's the Bonfire!


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November 10, 2003

Edmund Fitzgerald

Nic at Ships, Shoes, and Sealing Wax has a lovely post about the storied sunken ship.


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November 09, 2003

New Blog Showcase

Voting again in the New Blog Showcase, as I do every week.

I have three this week.

  1. I Pray Daily. Am I an Extremist? Likely no.
  2. Project Trinity 101 - Whoa, dude.
  3. A Halloween Story - It'll cook your goose.

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November 05, 2003

Letter of the Day is D

Were it not so late (past 10), I'd offer some D linkage. As it stands, though, I think I'll just read Kate's.

<directionless> Oh, and I promise to actually WRITE something tomorrow. I cheered Brian as he put together my trainer this evening. And then, of course, I had to try it out, strained neck and all (ow ow ow), so that's where the evening went. Oh, and more of that clothes shopping thing. Pleh.</directionless>


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Dual Carnivals

Visit Wizbang! Go twice!


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November 04, 2003

Passing the Links

Not feeling so well today, and I have absolutely nothing to impart to the readership beyond these few words.

Hey, there's another blogger in the family. Visit him - he did enough for both of us. He even used the phrase "can of eminent domain." How can you miss that?

See you tomorrow.


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November 03, 2003

Chief Wiggles and Toys

I'm sure everyone knows about this and many of you have contributed in different ways, but Chief Wiggles is distributing toys in Iraq.

I've seen all sorts of comments about this, notably "so, do all of you people give money to Toys for Tots for American kids" to which I can answer, about $100 a year, every year.

Today, via Flame Turns Blue, I learned that NEWSWEEK in an online article smacked down the good Chief. And an article in the Weekly Standard gave a nice rebuttal. Go visit and see what I'm talking about.

Good night.


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November 02, 2003

All Around Munuviana

Ah, yes, it is late in the weekend, but here begins the list of links.

A squinting Roo!

And Roo Jokes!

Ladies! Don't be late!

Whoppers and Football

Pfffft! You were gone!

Paranoia! (Brian style).

On a more serious note, Daniel talks health insurance.

And he interviews Jen!

Helen shares a similar experience. We're scar sisters.

Bunnies for ASPCA.

Michael Bolton? (It's not an Office Space reference).

Mookie details some good grades.

Susie's a poet!

Victor calls Jen's bluff

Random Google Junket!

So, tell us about the Nigerans, Simon.

The amazing musings of Socrates.

November Rain

Mime your own business on Halloween

Yet another reminder that beards creep me out.

Holding Out for a Hero against a troll.

Quick, but linked.


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New Blog Showcase

There are a lot of worthy posts yet again this week, but I found one to be above the others, and here it is.


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October 24, 2003


Jennifer interviewed Blackfive - check out the results.


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October 23, 2003

Quick Links

No time to make this yesterday's letter of the day, but enough time to get 'em out here quick before making the morning commute to work

1) Alpha Patriot tells a tale of two immigrants.

2) Serenity of Serenity's Journal defines conservativism. It's very nicely done.

3) Wizbang: tch tch tch tch tch tch tch-ching!

4) Swirlspice shows us the mullet! Uh, yeah, I DO remember that joke we played on...

5) Mooooove away, said the cow. It seems as if this behavior is not limited to kangaroos any long.

6) Thanks to Boots and Sabres for the blogroll addition. I'll probably continue to sneak in via my RSS thingee, but I'll get you added soon (probably during the week next week).

7) CommonSense & Wonder discusses "Frankenfoods." This appears to be the same article I mentioned this weekend.

8) Here's Arthur Silbur on brains, weight, and food.

9) This is the "I laughed out loud" post for the morning - Thanks, PhysicsGeek. 10) I'm very late with this, but Jennifer interviewed Daniel, and here are the results.

11) Harvey links the same interview (Daniel's), but he has an interesting little thought at the end. I've been scratching my head all morning but while laughing.


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October 22, 2003

Traffic Patterns

So, y'know, I forgot to submit to the Carnival of the Vanities this week.

And, of course, the fun with this is that I'm getting more traffic from this Carnival than from any ever before. Why? Here's why.

Everyone's like, uh, who's that? I'm sure. Thanks again for the link, James.


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October 21, 2003

What He Said

Brian has a post about box cutters. With pics.

I have only a little to add. I carry a purse. I'm a woman, so that's not going to attract much attention. Do not doubt that at any time and not by design but merely function that I have many, many small weapons contained therein.

Pens, pencils, paperclips, keys. Multiple of these items. No nail file anymore, though, of course. One could put an eye out with that.


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October 20, 2003

Link. Link.

So, it's getting close to bedtime, and I've not blogged a thing here today. I wrote the mustard post yesterday. I did put something up at The Alliance but that hardly counts.

So I'll link.

Matt at Blackfive posts a chilling anecdote about a social event with some Pakistani friends, now known as less-than-friends.

Look Left for the League of Liberals

Trey Givens provides me with another Enclave logo


Michael Williams (I have to be careful to link the proper Michael. It is indeed Williams this time) offers thorough analysis of the box cutter/airplane situation and why the items were not found for so long.

Carnival of the Captialists is here. That's tomorrow's reading that'll keep me from blogging.

Wizbang posts a pic of the woman who stole my Halloween costume. 'Cept she has no talons. Meow.

This is a couple of days old, but I said I'd link it, and so here it is. Robert Prather waxes economic, as he does so well, that Percentiles Are Not People.

Fritz enriches our "vocabulary" with a new buzzword. Hans, I don't want to hear this one. Ever.

I don't remember where I saw this. It was Friday. And when I went there, I couldn't leave. It was so a disgusting sort of way.

That's enough. Yawn. 5 a.m. comes early.


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October 19, 2003

New Blog Showcase

Yes, another week has passed. Yes, this has to go on both blogs in order to be counted.


1) This post from She Who Must Be Obeyed is wonderful. Beth's style reminds me of Big Arm Woman.

2) Vox Popoli appealed to my geek sense.

Quite a few good ones this week; getting harder to pick.


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October 17, 2003

Gotta Link That

The post ends with
    In the words of John Galt, (no, not those words) "Get the hell out of my way."
My cat speaks.

But, no, seriously, if you haven't already, check out Trey Givens. The man cracks me up (and writes IS the prerequisite of the other, of course).

The above-mentioned post smacks Wired magazine right out of his subscription list. Buh-bye.


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October 14, 2003

I Think I'll Play Letter of the Day

Because I have a bunch of linkage to do, here's the letter of the day, Heather style. Today's letter is H, so that's fitting.


h.gif Do you believe in hell, higher powers, heaven?

h.gif Hell again. As a destination.

h.gif Harrassment...or hardly?

h.gif Hapless Hyperbole

h.gif Harvey!

h.gif and Hans

h.gif Headline I missed.

h.gif Formerly hefty


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Visit Harvey of Bad Money

Why is today the day to visit Bad Money? Any day's a good day, really. Harvey posts a lot, usually five or six good-sized snippets a day - often more - to keep one interested.

And then there's the currency graffiti. He also links to Blackfive a lot - always a good idea, exalts his wife on a daily basis (ALWAYS a REALLY good idea), and has recently been blogrolled by the Great Emperor Misha, who has not yet noticed MY grace, wit, and not-so-surreptitious stops and comments.

But this post is about Harvey! It's about to get quite cold in Wisconsin; perhaps that'll mean he'll post even more!


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October 13, 2003

Frank J's "In My World"

These are hits or misses with me. This one's a hit.

    The screen then showed O'Yama, eyes glowing red with evil, giving a speech before a crowd of reporters. "When I am president, the oceans will boil, the cities will be destroyed in fire, and there will be universal health care!"

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Quick Links (Otherwise Known as Massive Backlog)

In 15 minutes, how many links can I make? We'll see.

Wizbang links to a blogger who translates Baby Got Back into the romance languages and beyond.

Kelley of Suburban Blight has a new Cul-de-sac.

I missed entry for the Carnival of the Capitalists. I don't suspect I'll miss it again.

Aaron of Free Will drop-kicks the logic of the Democratic Underground. And, oh, so eloquent is he.

The Agitator tells a tale of To Kill a Mockingbird and politcal correctness.

Eugene Volokh cashes in on the strange mess that is Missouri's Conceal and Carry law (at least, I thought it was a law).

Robert Prather provides an excellent view of the EU's economic failings.

Pregnant cows killed by lightning (okay, it's early, and _I_ found it interesting).

Oh, and my spouse called me a sex symbol. I think perhaps he's a bit biased.

Good morning.


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October 12, 2003

Six Months!

10/12/2003 is my six-month blogiversary, one week after Brian began.

And, a couple of weeks ago, I moved to this "shiny new site," as someone put it. I've spent a bunch of time tonight putting together a list of my early posts that it's likely that no one's seen. Also, visit my About Me page; I've put my 100 things up (finally). Thanks for reading!

The list:
  1. Extremely Disjointed First Post
  2. Turkey Vanquished
  3. Softball
  4. Pineapples for Peace
  5. Shut Your Seed-Cracking Beak
  6. "Are McLawsuits Legit?"
  7. The Search for the Sympathy Card
  8. Botox! Botulinum Toxin Type A (baby)
  9. Oh, THAT Appointment

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October 09, 2003

The Patriette

Kelly, The Patriette, has moved off of Blogspot. Migration is good.


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Letter Phrase of the Day

Letter Phrase of the Day!

Yes, Venemous Kate's one-upped herself. I find this far more fun and await SNAFU day.


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October 08, 2003

Links of Links

Venemous Kate's been busy again, this time giving the letter "L" some love. (I was mildly disappointed there was no "lascivious" link. Perhaps next time)

The Bonfire has burned its way onto Wizbang's site. The Noggle clan is well represented.

And, for more Vanity reading, visit this week's Carnival at Dancing with Dogs.

Also, I notice that Jennifer Larson and Blackfive have been doing some serious linking of late as well.


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October 07, 2003

Lunch Links

Not much time left - spent most of lunch researching what I'm going to write about tonight, but, a few things deserve quick mention.

Yesterday's Letter of the Day was V. What will it be today?

Groping! (brought to you by On the Fritz)

Fired and gun in the same story. Not related.

Government by team.

Soon to be called Governors (idea from Brian).

Frank J. notices my move (and grumbles about my incessant e-mails asking to update my links).

And, back to work...


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October 04, 2003

New Blogger Showcase

Two new blogs of note this week.

1) I liked Eliminate the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, but I have a small complaint to the blogger. Tom - use spell check. You write well; you probably know you don't spell perfectly. Appease the readers; cut down on eyesores.

2) Also, I liked Trey's 111 things. I'm having trouble finding my 100 without going radically personal - I think there's a fine balance there, really.


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Double Snark

The Hunt of the Snark is super-sized this week. Go visit!


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October 01, 2003

Anger Management

Anger Management is now part of Munuviana. I must permalink him posthaste.

A is A, Don. Got a little sticker on my car that says so.


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List o' Links

I'm trying to keep up. Here's the best of what I sampled today.

1) This morning, Dean Esmay posted about Domestic Terrorism. He said this:
    I was not too worried about that because such people are usually so stupid and drug-addled that they aren't good for much of anything. Besides which, I said, I'm not sure there's been a single decade in American history that hasn't had incidents of domestic terrorism.

    Then I came up short. Yes, we've definitely had many domestic terrorists in my lifetime. In the last 40 years, we've had the Symbianese Liberation Army, the Manson Family, the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers under Huey Newton, Ted Kaczynski, abortion clinic bombers, the Oklahoma City bombers, and the Earth Liberation Front, and I'm sure I've forgotten some. Just in the period from 1967 to 1973 there were something like a thousand terrorist bombings in the United States--funny how many people don't remember that.
(And much more).

2) Interested-Participant has the PETA Post!. I haven't done one in a while. Perhaps tomorrow.

3) Michael Williams: Would you rather...
  1. ...have super strength, or super speed. STRENGTH - easy.
  2. able to read minds, or be the greatest orator to have ever lived. I have to answer this one as I don't want to read minds - the world would become a very ugly place. So I take the orator.
  3. a vampire or a werewolf. Vampire. I don't think the hirsute look is very feminine.
  4. ...give up the Internet, or give up solid foods. Internet - bye bye. I eat about 80% by texture, and so I'd vanish to almost nothing on liquids. No thanks.
Very thought provoking (his questions, not my answers.

4) More from Overlawyered. Injured Student Sues Goal Post Maker. People. This is the reason we have fine-print blurbs on commercials that state things like "Do not paint your face with house paint."

5) I saw this yesterday and forgot to link it. Long live Scrappleface. CNN Produces Positive Reports On Iraq.

6) Yikes, a bike accident... in Japan.

That wraps it up for now.


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September 30, 2003

Now That the Weather's Cool, You Need a Bonfire!

Kevin at Wizbang's got another one roaring. Visit.


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September 29, 2003


Visit Kelley's Cul-de-sac at Suburban Blight. She's linking to the old blog because she didn't know not to, but I've got a pretty good post over there about cleaning out the attic after my father's death.

If I weren't so preoccupied with this new site, I'd have read all of the linked entries by now, but, well, there's next week, and there's always archives.

Thank goodness!


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September 25, 2003

Quick Links

1) Don't miss the Carnival this week.

2) Michael Williams has posted his Spherewide Short Story Symposium.

3) Harvey Olson of Bad Money feeds us another filthy lie about the press conference regarding the end of the Blog War as we know it.


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September 23, 2003

Writing? Not Tonight. Didn't put

Didn't put up anything really for you to read. I've been reading instead of writing this evening, and tomorrow'll likely be a sparse posting day as well. I will point you five places and then put my empty brain to rest/recharging.

1) The Alliance gets serious. An excellent post by Frank J..

2) My spouse did proxy posting for me this evening. As always, quite good.

3) I can't refer you to Blackfive enough these days. I'll do it again. He's continuing to post about his boot camp experiences. Matt, I believe you have a book if you want one.

4) Also, when Aaron at Free Will posts, he POSTS. Back at it. He links to this strange thing (which is more ethereal on dial-up, I promise).

5) And, finally, Kevin at Wizbang is hosting one big hot Bonfire. Don't stand too close.

Good night. I'm so tired I'm not even amusing myself.


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September 22, 2003

Monday Links

So many links, so little sleep (if I get 'em all in with commentary).

1) This blew my mind - from Across the Atlantic. I'm not much into current Europe news, so this was ALL news to me.

2) Venemous Kate reports on Gulf War illnesses, specifically ALS. Not to make light of this post, but seeing as Kate's an Axis member, perhaps we Alliance folk can do her neat "letter of the day" theme, but use one letter up in defiance.

3) Mike Courtney's heavy Oil of Olay use pays off!

4) Gil le Bell explores that heavy-handed notion that there's a link between homosexuality and sports.

5) I read this whole thing. Likely, you did too, but I'll link it anyway. Den Beste presents to us a human shield and her travails.

6) Roo the day!

7) Cul-de-Sac is up again at Suburban Blight. These things keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger...

8) Go link up Arianna Huffington on Friendster.

9) Jared Keller cracks me up with his fiskin' entitled NFL LINEBACKERS AND CNNSI SPORTSWRITERS... and subtitled "Are there any finer authorities on gun violence?"

10) An interesting take on noise pollution. I live close enough to Lambert Field that I hear the military jets, too. No big thing.

11) Blackfive is telling tales of his military experiences. I won't link to a specific post. Just go read the blog.

12) And, finally, my Sunday plans. Nothing like 100 miles to get the old blood pumping. Wahoo.

Good night.


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Monday Links (sponsored by Michael Williams)

Seriously, folks, Michael's on a roll. Before I start listing everything else, I'm going to give him a trifecta. You bet (bad pun). I just have to get them in the right sequence so that we all win.

Michael Post 1: Bustamente must return Bustamillions elucidates the swirling opaque sands of campaign finance reform and how it comes into play with the recall.

    It doesn't look like you can roll money from one campaign into another. This is important, because if you could spend left-over money that was originally donated to campaign A on later campaign B, it would be impossible to enforce donor limits. Someone could give money to campaigns A and B, and then campaign A could fold and transfer all its money to campaign B; the donor could end up giving twice as much as allowed.
Michael Post 2: Disabled by Fat begins innocently enough: "I'm not planning on making fat jokes." He never does stoop, but, whee, there's some serious snark. Laughter abounded from my downstairs office at this:

    No one has a problem with luscious curves, the problem is when your whole body is just one single curve. This is commonly called a "sphere", and it doesn't count as an affirmative answer for when people ask you whether or not you're "in shape".
Read the whole thing. Twice. And then send it to a friend.

Michael Post 3: Weight Loss Tip follows up on the "creamy lard" post. I read this after I posted my toothy message, so I left him a comment to that regard. Regarding soda, I'd so much rather munch and crunch than drink my calories.

And, there you have it. The soon-to-follow Links of the Day (of which there are many) is next.


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September 21, 2003

Sunday Links I promise to

I promise to do some real writing soon.! But, for now, more linkage. I've found quite a spectrum of posts throughout the course of the day.

1) The word of the day is gesticulate. I have used this word before because I'm guilty of its action. It has nothing to do with gestate or matriculate.

2) Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine has an...unnerving (but calmly done) post about follow-up health tracking regarding 9/11/2001.

3) Michael Williams of Master of None is going to go buy six SUVs and burn them to heat his home this winter. No, wait, that's the ELF that's burning the SUVs, and Michael's climate probably isn't cold enough to warrant burning even one.

Even so, he's got a nifty little post about global warming and non-burning SUV usage. And he uses the word Huzzah! Merit points.

4) Robert Prather of Mind of Man, er, Insults Unpunished explores one ofBush's worst mistakes, as he says.

5) Spoons posts the funniest dial-up loading picture of the new Miss America. Seriously, experience it on dial-up, and you'll swear the woman's being choked.

6) Tim Blair reminisces about the 80s!. Sigh - so long ago.

7) Eugene Volokh's got a post about ownership of the Dewey Decimal System. Who knew? (Before it hit all of the news wires today, that is. I was actually going to write on this, but, naaaaa.)

8) Deb Thompson of Write Lightning gives me yet another hero to put under the heroes bookmark tab for when I need inspiration. Click on the link she provides to see why. Some people refuse to accept bad news and/or encumbering medical conditions and circumvent/override them instead.

9) The Ville has today's PETA post. The Meatriarchy is, I'm sure, proud.

10) Hans, I'm posting this just to get your response.

11) Oh, I blogrolled Ravenwood of Ravenwood's Universe and put up a more suitable picture for those of you who might be frightened and/or otherwise overcome by emotion at the sight of redheads. I do so want you gentle readers to return.

Done for now. Must write.


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Beautifully Said

My answer to this question (1st paragraph) is "almost every day."

Truly blessed and trying to always acknowledge it,


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September 20, 2003

Links of the Day

I've been collecting RSS feeds like some other intelligent/lazy folk, and I've assembled a pretty good list of diverse links of the day. I hope you enjoy.

1) Tuning Spork of BLATHER REVIEW links to! Really, he does. Go see why.

2) Ith reports that a Seattle restaurant named 5 Spot gets a bit snarky by requiring patrons to sign a waiver exempting the eatery from weight-related damages incurred by the consumer.

3) The American Library Association lists the 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990-2000. Some surprises here.

4) Rosemary rips on Arianna! Get a seat up close.

5) Ravenwood offers an example of "the rules don't apply to x," one of my favorite themes.

6) DavidF at Sketches of Strain curbs the violence he intends for his modem. My favorite?

    Remember that you used dial up with no ill effects for three years.
I so hear you.

7) northstar of The People's Republic of Seabrook presents an insightful post about the leaking-money state of the NHL. As a hockey fan and follower, I agree.

8) The Agitator introduces me to the Broken Window Fallacy.

9) Deb Thompson of Write Lightning grabs another of my favorite topics and provides her viewpoint in Supplementing Stupidity. I agree, Deb. I've been known to wear my Question Society shirt at least once every two weeks.

10) My esteemed spouse offers suggestions regarding the 87 billion dollars spent on the Iraq war - if there were no war, we could MAKE MORE GOVERNMENT!

11) The Meatriarchy commends me for not talking like a pirate.

Thanks for stopping by.


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September 19, 2003

Links of Lunch

Phew, just a few mins, so these'll be brief:

1) Romulus of Judicious Asininity unveils the Secret Weapon in the War on Terror.

2) The new Hunting of the Snark is up! The aforementioned post by Romulus is in it (as am I).

3) Jennifer has a new War Message. Do be sure to click on the Message to Ethel. This behavior will not be tolerated.

4) Pixy Misa of Ambient Irony delivers the best pirate speak phrase I've seen yet. Shiver me disk drives!

5) Hans is never coming back from Seattle.

6) Victor of Publius & Co has a post showing some Isabel damage.

7) Aaron at Free Will explains Illinois.

8) The Meatriarchy expands a headline. Pun warning - not suitable for everyone.

9) And, finally, Big Arm Woman shares her thoughts (which are close to mine) on the likes of Extreme Makeover and associated surgeries/human body "enhacements."

And now, back to work.



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September 14, 2003

Free Will - My First Visit

I cracked up at the first post I read.

Guess I'll keep reading.


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September 10, 2003

Carnival of the Vanities, #51

The Carnival is up at Admiral Quixote's Roundtable

The host has had a terribly dramatic week, and I'm sure he would appreciate some encouragement for a job well done.


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September 08, 2003

Suburban Blight Brings You....Cul-de-Sac

Kelley outdid herself - lots of posts. Visit, but plan to spend some time.


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September 07, 2003

Weekly Blogroll Updates

I added some of the new members of the Alliance. Go and visit ALL of the Alliance members if you have the time.

Also, two more to the main blogroll, Tales from a Yeti Suit, who is local, and The Blog of the Century of the Week, in spite of his current status as <spit>"On the Atkins Diet."</spit> Yes, I read all of these, and so expect the blogroll to grow even more as I attempt to fill up all of that obnoxious white space on the left. (Means we have lots of room for more Alliance members).


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September 04, 2003


My post is up on Voices.

The site is really starting to take shape. Michele wrote that she had over 100 remaining to review. I found this at Electric Venom, and it's quite amazing. I'm sure Kate's post will be up soon, but you can catch it before having to weed through the minions on Michele's site.


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September 03, 2003

Spoons Shocks Me

I was doing my early morning before-work reading today, and I happened upon this on Spoons' website.

I'll cut to the scary part: (quoting a quote)

    The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives traced the weapon to the Blue Island Gun Shop, which received the gun from the manufacturer in 1966 and sold it to Milton R. Beuck. The last official record of the gun was 1983, when Beuck registered it legally in Chicago. [Before the Chicago gun ordinance went into effect later that same year--Ed.]

    Beuck told police he had sold it to a Chicago police officer, identified by sources as Schott, at a bar in 1994, Bayless said. The police officer sold the gun to a second officer sometime between 1994 and 1997, according to a friend of the first officer. The second officer died in 2002 and it is unclear what became of the gun, Bayless said.

    "It was not registered and it should have been," he said.

    On Thursday, police charged Beuck, who is 58 and homeless, with a misdemeanor for failing to keep records of the gun, authorities said. In Bond Court Friday, Cook County Judge Marvin Luckman ordered him held on $100,000 bond and assigned him to the Cermak Hospital division of Cook County Jail.

    The high bond was ordered because of the seriousness of the eventual crime in which the gun was used and because there was an outstanding drunken driving warrant for Beuck, said Jerry Lawrence, a spokesman for the Cook County state's attorney's office.

    There is an 18-month statute of limitations on the misdemeanor charge, Lawrence said, but because the law requires a gun owner to maintain records for 10 years, Beuck was currently violating the law by not maintaining a record of the 1994 sale through next year.
Wow, you know. Keep those records on you at all times if you have the misfortune of becoming homeless. We, of course, don't know the circumstances of Beuck's homelessness, but still. 100k bail.

There is the issue of a 1995 warrant for a DUI. How much bail goes where, dunno. The figure just shocked me. I'd like to know the allocation.


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Carnival of the Vanities

Carnival #50 is up at

Brian and I both have pieces in this one, so do please visit.

I've not read everything yet, but here are some of my favorite posts thus far:

Cascading Failures and Politics - as found on a Voyage to Arcturus.

Preemptive Health Care (or run a mile) - brought to you by uncategorical.

(I mean, yeah. Wonder how I'd do on my mile. It'd be humbling, I'm sure. Cycling's different than running.)

On Sensible Forest Management - I read every word. In a roundabout way, this is at 4 Right Wing Wackos.

And, of course, Brian's post about Cascading System Failure.

Maybe I'll update this, too, with some more. Many Instablender lies to be found on this week's Carnival, too.


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July 24, 2003

Link Unto Others...

Link Unto Others...

Okay, Gerwitz. Thu it is.

Thank you, Scott Ott of Scrappleface With headlines like "Survey: Many Germans Believe U.S. Sponsored Hitler" and "Uday's Suicide May Violate International Law" and "Bill Clinton Declares California Residency," how can you go wrong?

Here, from Balloon-Juice, I offer the strangest floatation device I've seen in, well, a while.

Jonah Goldberg of the NRO adequately summarizes the Berkley attack on conservatives. (Link via The Weigh In, as I had not yet seen this).


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July 18, 2003

Know Thy Enemy: North Koreans

Know Thy Enemy: North Koreans (IMAO)

Frank J. of IMAO renders this advice (and so, so much more) about North Korea.

My favorite:
    If a North Korean bites you, you become one.

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