December 17, 2004


I'd never heard of this, and apparently (concluded because of the lack of search results on Google), it's a new proclamation, but...

How'd you like a diet that supposedly adds years to your life and wants you to eat two of your favorite indulgences daily? Sign me up.

The Polymeal includes wine, fish, dark chocolate, fruits and vegetables, almonds and garlic, eaten on a daily basis (but four times a week for fish). Scientists reviewed the medical literature on how much each ingredient cuts heart disease, blood pressure or cholesterol levels by varying amounts, (150ml wine daily for instance reduces heart disease by 32%) and worked out the combined effect of the ingredients. They then calculated the potential effect across an ongoing study of American adults.
Wine? Dark chocolate? YUM! I like fish, fruits, veggies, almonds, and garlic, too. Wine and dark chocolate together: heaven. Fireplace and mood music optional.

A couple of different sources on this. First, that paragraph quoted came from Medial News Today. The fun source, though, is translated from Chinese. It gives some good advice (as well as approximate portions; unfortunately, they're in grams and milliliters.

But, the advice.

Adverse effects reported for garlic include malodorous breath and body odour, so researchers do not recommend taking the Polymeal before a romantic rendezvous.
Which means eat your garlic (and know the difference between a head and a clove) early in the day and your wine and dark chocolate in the evening. By the fire - I've changed my mind. That's not optional.

Back on topic. I made a list of all of my favorite fruits and veggies, vowed to add broccoli (even if I have to eat it raw - it's a superfood...don't much like it, but I can do it). Also adding apples - going to get myself a good paring knife (because I really like apples but hate to bite into them - and carry it with me (but the airport) so that apple eating is possible wherever I go.

Fish - a bit short on fish recipes, but I imagine that'll change. I'll only do fish twice a week for dinner and do the other two times as lunches for me unless Brian thinks this is a good idea. Unfortunately, St. Louis' best fish market isn't exactly proximate. But a once-a-week trip should be doable.

Downside of this diet? Obvious. Can you say EXPENSIVE? Fish ain't cheap. Produce isn't half bad, but wine and good dark chocolate - not cheap either. Not a problem for us - we already buy good healthy food.

I'm excited.


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December 14, 2004


I actually stress myself out about the realization that I'll likely be stressed out in the future.

Not so sure this is normal. Like, I have this hideous workload that, from today's perspective, it looks like I'll have to work on the days we're given as holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. (Or the days after, which are both Sundays).

And this stresses me out. It's far enough in the future I should just do all I can to see that it doesn't happen (and deal with it if it does). But what do I do? I stress.

So the blog may be semi-blank again. No real time to read others' blogs, either. This is the second crazy holiday season in a row, though, truth be told, I think my sanity was better last year.

Stress about stress.


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December 12, 2004

Things I've Discovered While Not Blogging

1) Everyone else keeps blogging. People, don't you know the world's supposed to stop for me?

2) News keeps occurring. See #1.

3) It isn't wise to eat too many of your test cookies, as your waist might expand. Give them to your husband instead.

4) Buck Rogers is really funny.

5) We really DO have five cats, and, boy, are they demanding.

6) These little games called Zuma and Bejeweled (now you understand why I've been gone).

7) The earth is round! Really, it is.

8) John Nance novels.

9) The female of the species is more deadly than the male.

10) Tech books are REALLY cheap on

11) My 10 year-old keyboard finally died.

12) Brian knows how to hang curtains.

13) Heather does not.

14) How to organize 5 - 15 year-old puzzle books to keep only what you'll actually use.

15) The need to organize everything else in the house.

16) And, finally, "hey, my blog is REALLY bare."


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Brown Rice and Veggies

I promised my mother I'd get her this recipe - might as well pass it along to others, too.

Very tasty rice - brown rice is so much fuller than the white refined stuff.

1 cup brown rice
2 cups water
A handful of wild rice
1 tbsp butter or olive oil
1 large clove of garlic (pressed or minced)
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Chopped veggies (as desired).

Bring rice, water, and butter or olive oil to a boil in a saucepan. Reduce heat and cover. Add garlic, salt, and pepper. Mince vegetables (I use carrots and celery) and add. Cook rice down, approximately 45 minutes from simmer time.

Brown rice gives you lots of fiber, and the veggies are obviously good for you, too. If you find a good veggie combo, please let me know. Been meaning to throw some onion in there.


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Back, I Hope

Back, really. These past few weeks have been busy at work, and I expect more of the same, so I've been putting the Christmas stuff in high gear. We're done shopping except for 2 presents. I have 3/4 of my cookies made. And it's December 12th! I'm so proud.

But, yes, some things in my personal life have suffered. My poor blog has been vacant for something like two weeks. It's not as though I'm short of topics - I mean, what, with all of the gaudy combinations of Christmas lights/blow-up snowmen. That's at least a four-paragraph rant, no?

Truth is, with everything ALMOST ready for Christmas, I'm excited like a little kid. This is the first year in a long time that I've been kidlike. Probably also has to do with the fact that I'm in a community chorus, and last week we had our Christmas concert. There's nothing like singing to get you in the Christmas mood.

There's also this lovely Advent calendar that my mother made for me a couple of years ago. It's modeled off of one very similiar that we used to count down the days to Christmas when I was a kid. She personalized the ornaments (things like the trumpet and the ice skate). We don't have a tree because of the myriad cats, but we still manage a festive home.

Advent Calendar.jpg

To leave this post, Aurora wishes you a Merry Christmas (she signed the cookie with a paw). No, this one wasn't eaten or given.



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