November 04, 2006


So just called to wake up the baby. Because that's all the stupid election recorded calls do is wake the baby.

So I looked them up to boo and hiss. And I found this little nugget. Hey, people at CommonSenseMissouri, we have this little company called Jeracor that does web work (development, QA, editing). We would have caught this little bit that Missouri is not Ohio. Just saying - I know they're both funky-shaped little states and all residing in the Midwest...

Common Sense!


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November 01, 2006

Come On Down

The baby eats at 11. The Price is Right comes on CBS at 11, so I've been tuning in for a few weeks here for the first half or so. It's the same as I remember it from my childhood, and that gives me a nice feeling - all that 70s glitz, and the only difference in Bob Barker is that he's got white hair and has a beating of Happy Gilmore under his belt.

So I read yesterday that he's retiring. That he's 83 years old (wow). That's just crazy - working until you're 83. On the other hand, can you name any other shows that have barely changed since the early 1970s? It was a nice feeling, briefly, watching the PiR on the big screen and knowing that the biggest change was the prices. The prize women are probably thinner, too. Have to look that up.


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