September 15, 2010

Why Not

Hey, who's still around? Anybody still actively blogging, or is it ok now to just post about once a week.

Brian's still pretty active on his blog and 24th state, but I'm mostly doing the mom, work, and veg thing.

What's new? Well, kids are older - 4 and 2 now. James is in training already to be a lawyer - has a comment for EVERYTHING I say. Little Jack likes to figure things out for himself - a trait I admire.

We moved from what Brian calls Old Trees across the state about a year ago, and we live just to the east of a horse farm. The view is always amazing, and the sunsets are even more amazing. We still have our house for sale in Old Trees, but we're hopeful it'll sell after the third price reduction. I may pop in periodically to make fun of PETA or rant about something. It'll take a good week to clear out all the spam comments from the MT user interface. Bleh.


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