January 02, 2011


I love books and magazines - the feel of paper. Reading something I have to hold and physically adjust in the light - the tactile pleasure of it. I can't imagine ever preferring to read something on the screen only (probably since I do so much of it for work). I often print the important things and peruse them on paper. (See previous entries about how I reuse that paper).

So, magazines. I like to "cannibalize" magazines and put what I don't want in the recycle bin. I am subscribed to a few, but most of them I get at church rummage sales or at library book sales - dirt cheap. There are lots of fun things you can do with magazines. Here's what I do.

1) Marvel at the branding on products in magazines in the 70s and 80s. I have some doozies - will put some up over time.
2) Coupons from the 70s and 80s are good fun, too.
3) Grab recipes. It doesn't matter if I ever use them, just FINDING them gives me strange small amounts of joy.
4) Clip workout routines (see #3).

The sheer amount of clippings (rippings?) I have unused indicates that I enjoy the actual art of DOING the clipping far more than using it. That being said, I have found some amazing recipes I do actually use through this method.

Quirky, but cheap entertainment.


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