September 27, 2003

Music to Whack Terrorists By

Fulfilling my Alliance duties, I present to you a song for the mix CD, Music to Whack Terrorists By:

Invincible, by Pat Benatar. Probably one of my favorite songs ever, and quite fitting.


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This Week's New Blog Showcase

Voting time again. Here are my picks:

1) Citizen Lehew's Who Ate My Democracy? is worth a vote. While I may not agree with all that much that the good Citizen has to say, he says it very well and makes a good argument. And that's worth a vote. Nice site design, by the way.

2) My other vote goes to King of Fools for the post on the Caucasian Club.

Good luck with your blogs!


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September 20, 2003

New Weblog Showcase Votes I

I have two votes for the New Weblog Showcase. Please visit these new bloggers.

1) DFMoore presents More on Moral Relativism. This subject always catches my eye, and I'm pleased to see that DFMoore does it justice.

2) Ilyka Damen offers A Happy Epiphany, a post about reactions to the war, its outcomes, terrorism, terrorist groups, and opinions/views. It's quite powerful.


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September 19, 2003

A Thought for Spring

A Thought for Spring

Hey, if they can have the Axis of Isabel, we mid-staters should align our blogs as the Axis of Tornados (but we need a more clever name). I'll bring this up again, in, oh, April or so.


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Glenn Reynolds' Favorite Book

Glenn Reynolds' favorite book is Hands, Hands, Finger, Thumb, by Al Perkins.

The cover should tell you why.

Rumor has it, I tore this book to pieces when I was a wee lass. Of course, it was in support of Frank J. that I destroyed the monkey. Even though young Frank was not yet born.


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September 18, 2003

Doom! The World is Ending

No, really. Instapundit is #2. What IS this? What quest awaits us as humanity? What demons must we slay?

(Frank J., is that you?)


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September 15, 2003

Glenn Reynolds' Favorite Song Atomic

Atomic Dog, by George Clinton.

    Why must I feel like that
    Why must I chase the cat
    Nothin' but the dog in me

    Do the dogcatcher, dogcatcher
    Do the dogcatcher
    Do the dogcatcher, dogcatcher
    Do the dogcatcher

    Do the dogcatcher, baby, do the dogcatcher


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