January 28, 2004

The Password is Broken

Venomous Kate, bless her, broke some toes a few days ago. Poor dear - it HURTS. Especially if you dislocate 'em, too - hope that wasn't the case for her. Aaron of Free Will broke his nose.

Toes. Nose. They Rhyme, and they're... Broken. Yeah, I think that's a theme, boys and girls. Broken.

Broken - an obnoxious poem
This hockey player surely knows,
And traffic stalls, no normal flows
for broken is the way it goes.

A boiler shuts the school to close
and hand displac-ed shattered foes
though broken is the way it goes.

Eh? Scammed tobacco you suppose?
ring broken down by federal pros.
Cause broken is the way it goes.

And straight from Yahoo, marriage woes
to software monopoly action grows?
Remember ladies - broken is as broken goes.

Ask Kate, ask Aaron
Each surely knows
When something been broken
nurse your toes or nose.

(Have I ever mentioned how much I hate end rhyme? I am now). Anybody else broken?


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The hard drive on Beloved Wife's computer had a mechanical failure. Data lost & unrecoverable. She's fairly despondent, especially since she just finished compiling a very thorough list of updated addresses from Christmas, which she'll have to do over.


Posted by: Harvey at January 29, 2004 09:50 AM

My toes are doing nicely, thanks.
But beware of catching yours 'tween planks.
A lanai is fine - what you call a deck -
But treachery lurks when the lanai is wet.

Worse, still, when you're burdened down
With palm fronds that didn't make it to the ground
And your Hubby thinks they're no big thing,
So you must decide: move them yourself or scream.

Take my advice, learned the hard way but true:
On slippery wood, you should wear shoes.

Posted by: Venomous Kate at January 31, 2004 01:27 AM