May 29, 2011

High Drama Saturday

This is really a dual-category post. I should have just called it "My Day, by Heather Noggle."

I started out the day with some work, and when it was clear the weather seemed to be ready to cooperate, the planning and prep work for a bike ride began. Here's the general checklist for the first ride of the season:
  • Find bike (did that earlier)
  • Put air in tires up to 102 PSI
  • Ensure all tire patching/tire changing equipment's in the seat pack.
  • Ensure all gears etc. are working properly, brakes, yes.
  • Find water bottles
  • Find sunglasses
  • Find rearview mirror
  • Find gloves
  • Find and don cycling apparel
  • Find shoes
  • Grab all related gear - iPod, keys, ID, etc.
Ok, did all that - took about half an hour to put those ducks in a row, and then, because I live just south of some huge hills, I put the bike in the car and drove it to a church where I'd leave the car. I should be ready for those hills eventually (within the month, I learned), but no sense freaking self out early.

Got bike out and then proceeded to get on bike. Right pedal up, foot clip in. Push down, align left foot, clip. I did about 20 laps around the parking lot, fast corners, etc. And then it was time for the road.

Crossed over the main road that's too busy to ride to start my pre-mapped route. Felt good and natural, but a few miles in, I came to some train tracks I would have to cross to continue, and, nope, stopped train. Gave it 5 minutes, and then I shrugged, said "Plan B," and continued.

There was no Plan B, so I just kept riding as long as the streets looked decently safe. Tackled some decent-sized hills and noted my cardio conditioning is on the money. Also noted my leg conditioning is NOT - burning thighs most of the ride. But the brain and experience can do a lot. I remember how to attack rolling hills and how to conserve for big ones.

The nice safe path ended, and I found myself at an intersection with a busy street. No real traffic at that time of day, so, well, why not? I'm all comfortable - this is what I used to do obsessively for fun. And there I was, riding with the flow of traffic on a street with a speed limit of 60 mph. Wheeee! Did that a few miles and then took a turn that I thought would head me toward home another way, but I couldn't identify where I was, so back from whence I came.

Cyclocomputer's not hooked up, so I have to guess at mileage - somewhere from 10 - 15, probably 12. All went well - gentle soreness in shoulders and tightness in legs notwithstanding. I'm feeling GOOD.

Get home. Children and Daddy have been in the yard all morning. Playtime in the yard usually necessitates a bath, so both children were in the big bathtub, and Brian was folding laundry. I asked to run downstairs to cool off a bit, and when I sat down in my office in the very chair in which I am now seated, I heard it: DRIP, DRIP, DRIP.

Puzzled, I sought the source. Hmm. Something in my closet is DRIPPING. Doubleplusungood. Opened closet door, and, yep, it's coming from upstairs. Directly above me is the bathtub in which the children are bathing. Brain makes cognitive leap, connects, and ears hear "BOYS!!!!"

Said angels of my soul were dumping cups full of water out of the bathtub and onto the floor. Never you mind that everyone in the house knows this is both inadvisable and happened. Scolded boys are driven from their bathtime fun. We dried the older one (something he usually gets to do himself). The younger one was caught up in the drying process when he decided to...wait for it...urinate on the floor.

This is either funny or tragic (maybe for a split second both). We chose funny.

The rest of the day was uneventful until sitting became painful. But that's just a wound with a purpose - riding - I get to do more of it. :) hln

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