February 08, 2011

Battle of Wills: The Redhead

The family redhead is now about 2 3/4, and it is time to force the toilet training issue. He knows what a diaper is and for what it is used, which to me means he is ready to be diaper bereft. Mommy has spoken, and thus it is so. And it's becoming an epic battle of will.

The smallest child in our family is very cute in his antics and presense. Those are his weapons. Mine? Age, guile, and the ability to hang the child from a clothesline by his big toe. (Not that I would). The battle thus far this week...

Mom tricks child by any means necessary into toilet sitting. We'll teach the standing part later, but at least by seating him on the toilet, I can force him to stay there. So that's where we start. The discussion is usually as follows:

Child: I don't want to go potty on the toilet.
Mom: Why?
Child: Because I don't want to. (isn't child logic amazing).
Mom: But you have to.
Child: But I don't want to. Never ever. Never ever. Neverever. (Accompanied by a great big smile)

So this is a twice-a-day tempest on a toilet. One time over the weekend I left him seated on there for 15 minutes, and nature did its thing. He looked disheartened and surprised, and even my 4 year-old was heaping praise on him. Next round? Neverever.

Sometimes it's this incoherent screaming that persists the entire time on the toilet. Since I know that may happen, I put on emotional armor before we begin our battle, and I can sit there, bounce other giggling child on my lap, and sing amazingly syncopated versions of great children's songs like The Erie Canal. Some of my best work is covered by Jack screaming.

Parents, I know each kid is different, and probably he'll be somewhat compliant out of sheer weariness within two weeks, but, wow, this one's a tough nut to crack in this regard.

A note from feral cat training. If they hiss, pick them up and kiss them.


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