September 18, 2005

Tour de Judy

Ok, cyclists. Another ride.

The Judy Ride Foundation's Tour de Judy gives people of all ages an opportunity to join the ride to save lives. The festivities begin at 8:00am and will include a 30-mile ride (7:30am registration, 8am and a 10-mile ride (8:30am registration, 9am start), and a 100-yard kids Tour de Judy jr. street sprint (10:30am registration, 11:00am start No Entry Fee Required!). So bring your bicycles, tricycles... basically anything with wheels! And bring your family and friends, too.
This one hits closer to home than Tour de Cure and the MS 150 - in both 1994 and 1999 I had breast lumps removed - thankfully benign. My godmother is a breast cancer survivor. I missed Race for the Cure this year because I felt I desperately needed a long training ride that day. So here's my chance to give back...and locally.

30 miler. Join me in Clayton on the 9th.


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