September 18, 2005

Ah, Another Silly Headline

Love Sentenced to 180 Days at Drug Center

Yes, we all know it's about Courtney, but I think it's funnier if just read literally.

Stunning paragon of motherhood, isn't she?


Posted by hln at September 18, 2005 02:03 PM | Entertainment | TrackBack

Courtney Love is a woman possessed by a cunning, baffling disease called addiction that tells your mind that you do not have it. She is very sick. If you had an opportunity to follow the drug inside, you would find the pain even SHE doesn't know that she's hiding inside. I pray for her and Frances every day.

Posted by: Pam in Fresno at September 24, 2005 03:02 PM

Mmmhmm. Perhaps I should have stated that Courtney Love is a stunning example of personal responsibility. Perhaps THAT would have been more appropriately sarcastic.


Posted by: hln at September 24, 2005 08:11 PM

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