March 31, 2005

Stir Crazy and the ensuing Stream of Consciousness

And in other good news, Stir Crazy of Creve Coeur is now completely non-smoking. I went there for a business lunch today and was pleased to note that.

For the past year, except for business meals where I have no control over these things (yes, I COULD quit my job), I've only eaten in smoke-free restaurants. What an amazingly pleasant experience that's been.

So add one to the list.

St. Louis County has a countywide smoking ban in contemplation right now. That'd certainly open up the places I could go, including the casino that's located in my municipality. I think that'd be a great experiment. A casino with non-toxic air. The single most place that wants you to forget time and where you are and have you continue in your gambling ways for days on end if possible. I'm surprised none of them have experimented with this. Harrah's, the casino in question, of course is fighting the ban tooth and nail. As is my municipality, beneficiary of its tax dollars (to the extreme, let me tell you).

I care. Immensely. There's a public hearing on April the 12th that I plan to attend, work willing. If it doesn't pass, I still have hopes that more and more places will come around to the notion that, hey, the 70+% of America that doesn't smoke really doesn't want to spend its time breathing other people's noxious fumes. Or perhaps an inventor will patent the smoke containment suit. Can't wait.

In other related news, Clayton has opened up a non-smoking jazz bar and restaurant. We are so there...perhaps even this weekend. Check it out - Finale.


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Yes, God bless the tyranny of the majority.

Personally, I'm hoping that one day I get enough votes to ban children in restaurants. After all, I hate to hear them whining and crying while I'm trying to eat a pleasant meal. Sure, I don't eat out much now, but I'd go to more places if they were rid of the little buggers. I'm hoping the government can hook that up for me.

Posted by: Ravenwood at April 22, 2005 05:39 PM