October 04, 2004

Politically Incorrect Fitness

I found this a few weeks ago linked off of some right-wing site - only bookmarked this site. Found it funny and thought I'd share.

It's Politically Incorrect Fitness.

Actually, if you do nothing else, scroll down to the pic of the author doing a one-legged squat. I'll steal the picture. Caption ideas?

(And note that his knee doesn't go over his toe. Good boy, Matt.)

I'll certainly buy a couple of things he says without questioning. I've done only about a quarter of the strength training I usually complete for the last month. There was the week of rest for the MS 150. There was the near week of rest following it. I felt weak and out of sorts with my upper body. I hadn't lifted since Tuesday until today, opting for a short home shoulder and back workout. That travel stuff can get you, especially if the nights aren't down time. Back on track - I'll take soreness over aches and pains ANY time.

And don't forget the cardio. Balance, balance.


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Winner of the 2004 "Punt, Pass, and Toupee-Kick" contest

Posted by: Harvey at October 5, 2004 08:22 AM