September 10, 2004

MS 150 (Again)

I just printed my rider packet .PDF thingee, and it notes that Anheuser-Busch is sponsoring a Beer Garden, and the MS 150 Expo site features sand volleyball. And showers!

Because, you know, right after a 75 or 100 mile bike ride, the things I just can't WAIT to do are drink a bunch of beer and roll in the sand. Maybe that's what people who are really in shape do. Or those who star in television commercials - can't you just see it? Out of the bike helmet (with perfect hair but a bit of dirt on the leg) - some steaks cookin' on the grill, and happy, slender, muscled people with perfect white teeth and tanned skin (and not wearing anything but their cycling shorts and maybe sports bras) are batting around a volleyball)? We've conquered our mountains and have set down to play. Bussssssch!

That shower thing sounds good, though. I'll be happy if I'm still coherent and not asleep (I guess those go hand in hand) at the end of the day's ride. (What I can promise is that EVERY ounce of my quite long hair will be sweat drenched.)


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Does that mean you don't want to play volleyball afterwards?

Posted by: hans at September 10, 2004 01:58 PM