November 06, 2003

I Said I'd Write

But I didn't say it wouldn't be inane. I'm afraid all I have the gumption for is a couple of short paragraphs. So, on with it.

My life's been strangely non-routine for two weeks. First, there was the trip, during which I got next to no exercise. Then, I returned and thought I'd use my hiatus to my advantage by lifting heavy. By doing so, I pulled a muscle or strained my neck on Saturday.

So no real lifting - just light weights until tonight (which was almost normal), and very little cardiovascular work. This combination makes me a bit edgy and quite a bit out of sorts. I hooked the bike to the trainer and put in about half an hour this evening while watching the hockey game. It'll all be okay. But this whole "out of sorts" thing has left me out of words, too. Not good.

No linking even. Tomorrow? Ugh.


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Dana of Note-It Posts was complaining to me of having a little blogger's block too. Maybe it's something that's going around. My suggestion to her was to start a post off with "I was over at Madfish Willies..." and just tell a wild & wacky tale of a night on the town. And you can put other bloggers in as characters, if you want to make a link-fest out of it.

For what it's worth...

Posted by: Harvey at November 7, 2003 11:00 AM