May 16, 2003

Ajax Against the World

Ajax! World! I received a "marketing tool" gift today from the owner of my company, a "stress world," if you will. It's a squeezable ball with world artwork on it, and it says "Global Wizard," which is the name of the software product on which I work.

Global Wizard, or GWIZ for short, is set to launch next Tuesday in Chicago, so today I've found myself owning not only this stress world, but also a nifty GWIZ letter opener. You can tell I worked too long today because I am blogging about work.

At any rate, all of the fun with the stress world ensued when I brought said item home. I placed it on the counter, and it was soon found by my most adventurous cat, Ajax, who surveyed it, sniffed it, and promptly put it in his mouth and carried it around the house.

This was so humorous I attempted (for quite some time) to get a picture of my cat chewing on the world, but, alas, he would do no such thing for the digital camera. Hey, someone, right there's a dissertation in waiting for some Heisenberg Principle enthusiast, as Brian pointed out.

This is the best I could do, but it's still extremely cute, though not as funny, as his ball-carrying behavior. One cat against the world - proving that, indeed, the world is not enough.


Posted by hln at May 16, 2003 10:17 PM | Cats!