May 20, 2003

Scientific Study Proves

Or something like that. I'm outta here until Friday - out of town. Required reading? Rachel Lucas

I sent her this e-mail this morning, not agreeing with her post about guns. This is odd - usually I agree with just about everything Rachel says, but this seems over the top. My e-mail to her:


    First, I read this yesterday. Post Dispatch Story about Escaped Rapist

    Briefly, it's an article about a woman who was raped in 1975 by a particularly vindictive man (purported to be highly intelligent). For the most part, it doesn't portray her as kooky (only move in that direction is when they mention she has gun in every room of the house), so the media gets some credit for that.

    When I read your blog entry, your post reminded me of that woman. I'd like to offer a few paragraphs about guns from a different perspective. Gun ownership/usage is a choice.

    I grew up with guns in the home. They were not toys - they were my father's deer hunting rifles, and they were kept under the bed, and I was not allowed near "under the bed." Obviously, they were not loaded with a child in the home, but there was this instilled respect for the guns. There are pictures of me as a child standing next to hanging newly shot deer in the garage. (Oh, and my father the biologist ensured we ate every edible inch of the deer).

    Somehow, some way, though, perhaps because I am a girl, I never learned to shoot. When my father died, my mother gave me one of my father's shotguns, and I keep it in the closet (no ammunition in the house because I don't know how to shoot - don't ever want the possibility of the gun being a weapon AGAINST me) until such time that it strikes me it's time to learn.

    My uncle collects civil war guns.

    For your sister, hopefully she is right. And, looking at most people's lives, she is. Most people, thankfully, do NOT need guns. For me, someday the time will be right to learn to shoot. Until then, I have my stature (both attitude/general demeanor and physical size) and craftiness to deter would-be attackers to find simpler prey before the attack point.

    Thanks for writing. I enjoy reading.


(This exercise is also known is a two-fer. Running lowwwww on time).

Back Friday.


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