January 22, 2006

Baby Update

I'm finally out of morning sickness (which was never really all that bad - just felt OFF, and it wasn't really just the morning) and in that "is she fat or she pregnant stage." I'm holding out another week for maternity clothes and getting by with rubber bands and loose shirts.

On Wednesday we will learn the baby's gender, and that's very, very exciting. I'm still waiting anxiously to be kicked (in any other context that's masochistic, yes).

Ironically, business travel has picked up, and I've had two trips in the last two months with the possibility of more to come. I'm really missing my former level of physical fitness (a distant memory) when it comes to heavy luggage, though I'm thoroughly amused by people who tell me I shouldn't lift anything.

I've put out a "no pink" alert to my mother who's very eager to shop for baby clothes. Red, purple, yellow, even blue for girls. But please don't pink my kid. I should be safe from this if we've got a boy.

I'll post gender (but I need to let Brian know first, so it may not be until Thurs).


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I told grandparents et al that whatever they bought for my daughter would be worn by my son. That sort of put a damper on pink.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at January 22, 2006 11:08 AM