October 11, 2005

What I'm Missing to Write To You

My MuNu ancestor Victor, sent me this. I was not aware! Were I so inclined I could forego my salad (in progress) and head 5 miles down the road to witness this incident myself!
St. Louis — With their nude bodies covered in "blood" to depict the plight of animals skinned alive for their fur, PETA members will hold a "die-in" and lie silently in a pile outside a local J.Crew store on Tuesday. Other participants will hold giant posters that read, "J.Crew’s Fur Has a Face." PETA has learned that the clothing retailer is selling items made with the skins of foxes, rabbits, coyotes, and minks this fall after previously and repeatedly pledging to PETA that it would not sell fur
Hmm, rabbits. You can eat those. No problems with rabbit fur. The news release goes on to say "Millions of foxes, raccoons, rabbits, and other animals are also raised for fur every year in China, where not a single law protects animals. PETA has obtained undercover video footage that shows fur farmers in China swinging raccoon dogs and foxes by their hind legs and smashing their heads into the ground—breaking the animals’ necks or backs but leaving them panting, blinking, and conscious as they are skinned alive. "

PETA must be unaware of the cruelties perpetuated upon some humans in China; obviously if that were not so, it would point out such things as well. Because people are animals, too.


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