September 24, 2005

Mail Order/Internet in a Store

Business 2.0 has an article called "Why Some Brands Can Stand Alone" about retailers and specialty stores, citing Lego and its large play area as a giant success.

Shunned by kids for digital play alternatives and challenged by an onslaught of rivals, Lego has been under attack in recent years. Yet things may be turning around for the 73-year-old Danish toymaker. A Star Wars licensing deal has propelled sales of Lego sets based on the movies, and the construction-toy category has been hot. Another part of its business also offers hope: It's called the Lego Store, and it's boosting sales and luring customers in malls and well-to-do suburbs across the United States.
We have the print version that goes into a whole lot more detail (like the part I mentioned), but branded stores is the point of the article.

Today, Brian and I visited the new Omaha Steaks store in Richmond Heights. which is a trendy stop for the product one normally receives in the big styrofoam (a large component of my personal hell) container with a hefty shipping charge attached. For about $60, we walked out with 12 5 oz steaks, two boxes of burgers, and some beef jerky thrown in. I bought spice, too. Not bad - but the point is, I was already in the area, and we were out of steaks, and the store was there, and we knew what we wanted, so, bam, instant transaction. Almost like a convenience store, but for a product I can't get elsewhere.

If you're a fan of Omaha Steaks, this is a good weekend to visit. Lots of specials. Many more of the stores are opening up across the US, too, seemingly.


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