September 08, 2005

Apple Nano

What to think. What to think...

I'm not sure, really. I like my iPod Shuffle and think it was worth the $149 I paid for it. I use it primarily for exercise, and exercise means sweat. But something in me can't pay more than that for a music storage device, even if it does hold 1/20 or 1/10 of my library. What would I use it for that I can't use the Shuffle, which loads pretty quickly.

This is probably why I wasn't an early adopter in iPod culture. I think the one bonus would be the visual cue of what song's playing. Sometimes you want to load lesser knowns in to give them a whirl. Being able to rate on the iPod - that'd be an attracting feature to me.

Info on the Nano (in case you're like "what's is she talking about.") And the iPhone doesn't strike me - cost again. Maybe in a year.

Speaking of all things Apple, iTunes 5.0 is now available.


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