August 13, 2005

These Times They Are a Changin'

Would this have been newsworthy before the fall of Atkins? The thought amuses me.

Feds Aren't Subsidizing Recommended Foods

WASHINGTON - The government says half your diet should be fruits and vegetables, but it doesn't subsidize the farmers who grow them. Instead, half of all federal agriculture subsidies go to grain farmers, whose crops feed animals for meat, milk and eggs and become cheap ingredients in processed food.

What's wrong with that?

"Obesity. That's clearly the problem, if you look at the outcome in today's society," said Andy Fischer, executive director of the Community Food Security Coalition, a Venice, Calif., advocacy group.

Ha ha ha. The food pyramid changes, and now all of a sudden protein strikes us with overnight obesity.

The article then breaks down farm subsidies by type. 1.5 billion for tobacco. Disgusting. Perhaps that's what Mr. Fischer should decry. That clearly doesn't aid anyone's diet.


Posted by hln at August 13, 2005 05:39 AM | Nutrition | TrackBack

...and what's with $3.5 billion for cotton? Is it that critical that our cotton industry remain resilient to foreign competition?

(Maybe if we ate less corn syrup we'd need less cotton for our clothing?)

Posted by: hans at August 13, 2005 12:00 PM

That's a bit of a stretch (pun intended), but, yes, obnoxious still the same.


Posted by: hln at August 13, 2005 12:42 PM
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