August 08, 2005

Delayed Flight Wisdom

Just a few thoughts from the Tampa airport as I wait to board my now-three-hours-late flight.

  • The airport Chili's doesn't serve strong enough frozen drinks. Order twice as many. Shrug off the cost with an "I'm on vacation."
  • Florida marks Sea Turtle nests on the beach and declares it illegal to tamper with said nests.
  • One shouldn't sunburn her shoulders when having to carry both a heavy purse and a laptop.
  • Never ever get involved with the Literary Guild online "customer service" (an oxymoron in its own right - more to come when I have easy use of a mouse)
  • Two hours of people watching is the limit for entertainment on just two frozen margaritas.
  • Florida teaches Missourians proper skill levels for zippy U-turns.
  • A minivan is not a convertible. Somehow, a minivan is an "upgrade" for a convertible. I disagree, car rental agent.
  • WiFi in the airport...way cool
  • FreeCell - not so hard.
Horribly inane, I know.


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