July 11, 2005

The Open Road

I was insane enough to go riding at 6 a.m. on Saturday. These folks were insane enough to join me at various points along the way.

So here's my route. If you're local, you'll enjoy this. From Maryland Heights down Dorsett/Midland into U City. Stopped at the Starbucks (picked Ryan up along the way) and met Hans and his brother, Kurt. Went into the city. Saw our cycling buddies Susan and Linda at another Starbucks along the way - they had ridden up from the south. Rode south down Broadway/Lemay Ferry to Jefferson Barracks. Rode around Jefferson Barracks a bit. Rode up a "shortcut" to Forest Park. Hans and Kurt split off, and Ryan and I got separated and met at the big Amoco. (Anybody local knows what I mean here). Went up to Big Shark to get Ryan some new gloves. Continuned on home via Skinker up to Olive then Olive west to Midland. (Yes, I'm a nutbar; I rode my bike on Olive during normal traffic hours). Then Midland to Link/Midland intersection.

It's at this point that I sat down, figuring I'd eat a bit and let my heart rate return to normal human points before trying to tackle the nasty hill at Midland and Adie just past Lindbergh. It never really did that slowing down thing, so after 20 mins, I called Brian, and he came and got me just 4 miles short of home. Still, 60 miles in heat and pushing it (the guys are faster than I am) - worth it.

Got a heart rate monitor from my mother for Christmas, and I'm just now getting around to training with it. It's really telling. Like...I run out of steam on hills because I'm usually working at 156 - 165 bpm before I start a hill. And at 174 - 180 it is all right to feel like I'm dying. I am NOT a natural athlete, and it's been suggested to me that I try some interval training. I've had to build back my strength from near zero (some health issues in February/March - turned out to be nothing serious), and muscle/strength/resistance training come pretty naturally. This cardio stuff, not so much.

Last week I made it out to Creve Coeur two mornings and rode for about an hour and fifteen mins each time. This week I had planned to do the same, but the weather isn't going to cooperate. My legs were complaining about the strain I put on them Saturday, so I walked/ran this morning for an hour, and it looks like cardio at the gym for the next 3 mornings b/c of the rain.

I have 2 months until the 150 (September 10 and 11 of this year). I should be fine. The heart rate monitor does prove that I'm not dogging it or anything - I work like a good little mule. Just don't get all that much output for my effort. And that makes me grumbly.


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