September 21, 2004

Local Drama

Yesterday in the St. Louis metro suburb of East St. Louis, a 19 year-old woman named Katie Wolfmeyer was acquitted in the Mike Danton (Blues hockey player) murder-for-hire debacle. Jurors stated they couldn't find enough evidence to convict. (Article.)

This post is only barely about that. Rather, a quote from the formerly accused's father really rubbed me the wrong way.
Pat Wolfmeyer, the defendant's father, said of the FBI, "I think they set that little girl up. They got in too deep and couldn't get out."
"That little girl." Of his own daughter? I hope this is a misquote or in some strange context because this bothers me on two levels.

1) It's completely detached. You'd think there'd be some emotion. The words "that little girl" wouldn't be the first choice to refer to your offspring.

2) Especially your NINETEEN YEAR-OLD offspring. What is the deal with calling a grown woman a little girl? She's not a lamb; she's not a kitten. She's an adult female. She was certainly tried as an adult. If you think your child is a "little girl" at 19, how do you believe she'll ever be ready for the day-to-day travails of society otherwise known as adulthood?

This has been one of the weirdest cases to hit the area since I've lived here. Obviously lots of information has made it into the newspaper since the case is high profile and therefore frenzied. Probably won't end here - Danton, who pleaded guilty earlier, is sentenced next month.


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Heard a bit about this case when I was down in St. Louis in July. I believe I was in town on the weekend when Danton pleaded guilty and that was the first I had heard of the case. Likely because I don't watch television when I'm at home, but it's always possible that Chicago news people just relegate the story to the trash heap up here. After all - it's St. Louis, the back of beyond as far as they're concerned.

Weird quote from the father though. I agree about calling a 19 year old "little girl" good grief. But then liberals against guns manage to group anyone 24 and under into the category of "child" when they talk about gun deaths, so we shouldn't be too surprised. I wonder if the father ever lived in the home. He talks about her like she's not even related.

Posted by: Teresa at September 21, 2004 12:14 PM