August 24, 2004

Fear of Blogging

If there were a phobia for fear of blogging, what would it be named?

In the past week, I've had a bit of time I could have blogged, but everything I thought of, my psyche shot down. Many reasons for this - "oh, I've already said that." "Oh, that's inane." I mean, really. My personal life's kinda in a repeat loop of this time last year. Bike bike bike, 91 miles two weekends ago, 60+ this weekend. "Look, something about cats." Oh, wait, that's too close to this entry. "New nutrition info." Haven't I already beat that dead horse?

I'm too busy to be reading enough to be in linking mode, so, there you have it. I've been waylaid by fear-of-blogging repercussions.

MS 150's in less than 3 weeks. On the bike all the time until then. After that, I'll be volunteering for Bush Cheney. Busy busy.

I need to be working on, a charity site I'm going to do (have domain name). I need a quick design for the site - this is the area I'm fairly weak in. I have the colors picked out. If anyone's interested, please, I could use a hand. It's got to be fairly simple/professional. (e-mail's Designer will be mentioned in the "credits" (look at Opspot, a site I did for example.)


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