July 21, 2004

Project Planet

You've seen them on vacation and on business trips. They're the little cards that inform you that the hotel staff doesn't really want to wash your linens. They read a lot like this (text taken off of a Project Planet card).
The Project Planet program is an effort of this hotel to protect the environment through conservation of water and the decreased use of detergent.

If you are staying with us more than one night, as part of the Project Planet program, we will launder your linens every three days.

If you would prefer not to participate in this program, simply leave this card on your pillow and linens will be changed today.

As always linens are automatically changed after every guest check-out.


Printed on recycled paper. Laminated to reduce waste.
Okay - great idea. Now, environmentally conscious hotel, where's my recycle bin? Even one in the lobby would be good. But, no, none of that. Hotels - especially those that give you free papers in the morning, really ought to be doing that. And then hyping the heck out of it - after all, the hotel chain is obviously "environmentally conscious."

That's something that's always irked me.


Posted by hln at July 21, 2004 12:03 PM | Personal Responsibility | TrackBack

I've seen those and they annoy the heck out of me. Especially when they are charging a fortune to stay there. The one that really got me though was the hotel (don't remember which one now) that asked me to leave all dirty towels on the floor and they'd only change those.

I guess the cleaning staff (who have never appeared to be THAT incredibly stupid - but maybe I'm missing something...) can't tell whether or not a towel has been used! Sheesh.

I really contemplated throwing every towel on the racks down on the floor, just to make them change all of them.

Posted by: Teresa at July 21, 2004 02:13 PM