June 15, 2004

PETA Profile

Haven't blogged about PETA in a while, so here you go.

Bruce "Sit Ubu Sit, Good Dog" Friedrich takes his game to reality TV - Showtime to be exact.
Friedrich has been selected to appear this summer on "American Candidate," a Showtime reality series in which competitors will tackle a series of challenges to demonstrate what goes into the making of a presidential candidate.

"I do appreciate the opportunity to be a face for animal rights, a face for PETA and a face for compassion for all animals," said Friedrich, the man behind such PETA stunts as passing out "Unhappy Meals" to children to try to get McDonald's to improve living conditions for its chickens.
Eat a drumstick for our pal, Bruce, will ya? A trip to KFC is in order. Bruce promises that this show, unlike the rest of reality TV, will raise "important issues."


So sorry I missed this - I could've brought back digital pictures!
St. Louis — Holding signs that read, "The Colonel’s Secret Recipe: Live Scalding, Painful Debeaking, Crippled Chickens," and displaying an assembly line of "chickens" with "blood" dripping from their slit throats, members of PETA will protest the abusive treatment of animals by KFC suppliers at a local KFC restaurant. The protest is part of an international campaign launched by PETA after years of failed negotiations with KFC’s parent corporation, Yum! Brands:
A bucket o' fun, for sure. (Not exactly big news in the area...didn't find a single mention of it on


Hans - you up for this? PETA's is looking for the Sexiest Vegetarians. I won't tell them you occasionally indulge on fish and shellfish. It can be your secret...between you and the Internet.


Brian Carnell of smacks down PETA for its children outreach tactics.

That's enough PETA for a night. I'll be sure to tell you when they send me another nickel.


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