April 29, 2004

T-Shirt Babe Entry

Remember this post? If not, I'll quote so you don't have to go to it.
I want to be the t-shirt model for this. Someone recommend me? I can't just go in there in the comments and recommend myself, you see, because that would be far too blatant and I'd have no credability.

Well, I got my wish with the peace gallery. Good enough. But, of course, Frank's contest is live and kickin' now - quite a few entrants. I'm #10.

Here's my entry.

To those who do not know me but seek to rob Americans of our lifestyles, I say thus:

Hand me a t-shirt.

I fear no terrorist. There is little I can personally do to stop another human being from sacrificing himself or herself , his children or her children or his or her way of life to cease mine. Each day I waited to write this, more acts of terrorism (and denouncement of it) wrote themselves in the history books. A week ago - Saudi Arabia and a car bomb - many dead.. The Palestinian conflict with Israel, never-ending. Europe ignores bin Laden’s truce offer. This week?

Nothing on American soil. My security in that pronouncement stems from this administration’s willingness to stand in the face of those who seek to kill or maim us. The wounded don’t forget. The families of those who never knew to fight back don’t “move on.” And we, we who know the path to fight terrorism doesn’t include a side road named Bargaining, we live our lives.

Everyone knows someone who knows someone touched personally by September 11, 2001. Let there never be another.


Posted by hln at April 29, 2004 11:30 AM | Whimsy | TrackBack

I've got my fingers crossed - hope you win. I like the beer bribe for Matt - oh yeah and I think the leg shot from a while back might sway Harvey. *G*

Posted by: Teresa at April 29, 2004 09:53 PM

Go recommend yourself. I do it all the time. I vote for myself when anything comes up for a vote too. Hell, if you won't recommend you, why should I?

Posted by: Phelps at April 30, 2004 02:19 PM

I haven't decided whether or not to post all my picks, but I'll say this much:

It's not MY fault you didn't win first place.

Unquestionably the prettiest face in the contest, and with one of those baggy, oversized black T-shirts, that's what's gonna sell.

Posted by: Harvey at May 3, 2004 07:16 PM