April 06, 2004

This is Gonna Be Way Freaky

Brian caught me reading the latest print copy of Reason (May's - the one about pornography) and pointed me to the Hit & Run proclamation that the next issue will include a bunch of our personal information, including a picture of our house, within its pages.

He wasn't kidding.
Most subscribers will receive an issue that features four cover pages of intensely personalized information, a demonstration of bleeding-edge technology that may one day allow for mass-customized and hyper-individualized print publications (btw, pace the Times' headline, our monthly print circulation totals about 55,000).
I would think this would be prohibitively expensive, but obviously not. Reason's not exactly what comes to mind with the words Big Budget.

Looking forward to this one.


Posted by hln at April 6, 2004 06:42 PM | General News | TrackBack

I actually subscribed just so I would receive a targeted copy. Publishing history, I say.

Besides, looks like a good magazine.

Posted by: hans at April 8, 2004 12:07 PM