March 09, 2004

Don't Wear Earrings On a Crime Spree In Great Britain

Why? Because they can getcha with ear prints now. Forgive me for this one - it'll have to go in the Bonfire (if I can remember to send it). But this is just obnoxious. If this originated from the US, I'd have to say "your tax dollars hard at work," but for now I'll refrain. Or something.
Criminals often wear gloves but are less likely to cover their ears and before would-be burglars touch a doorknob or try to pry open a window they might press their ear against the glass to hear if anyone is home.

Ear prints had been used to identify individuals and criminals long before fingerprints became popular in the early twentieth century. They came back into use in the 1990s but unlike fingerprints they were never organized in a computerized system.
Cellophane...earprints foiled? (Okay, that was a stretch).


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