February 23, 2004

John TB Kerry

Okay, this is petty, so don't say I didn't warn you. But it is funny. Robert Prather:
As noted elsewhere, Kerry bears a striking resemblance to Treebeard in both his manner and his looks. In fact, I'll likely be calling Kerry "Treebeard" for the remainder of the year.
Robert then proposes a Fark-like photoshop contest, so have at Mr. Heinz.

Back a little over a month ago, Brian made a new curse word in honor of Kerry's f-word proclamation. So if you're in the mood for some more presidential wanna-be humor, check this out, too.
And so in honor of John F. Kerry, indistinguished (some political office holder or another) of (some tiny, self-important coastal state), I introduce johnk, a single syllable which can capture every sort of meaning the f-word can, and with less shock among women and children and definitely more mockery of the Democrat party.

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