February 05, 2004

Famous, Famous I Tell You

So, last week the flummoxed St. Louis Blues picked up aging (not maturing) left winger (no, wait, he's listed as a center now. Boggle.) Pascal Rheaume. Again.

Here's a bit of my e-mail to Jeff Gordon, talented local sportswriter. He published me. I'm published! Oh, wait, I do that publishing thing every day, don't I?
My reaction on hearing the (Rheaume) news from KMOX was maniacal laughter while rounding the corner of Marine and McKelvey. And that's dangerous while driving, by the way. The Blues are environmentally conscious with all of this recycling . . . you know that old saying about history and doom.
Yes, folks, here it is. And, here it is (about halfway down the page).

Just like Rheaume. Here he was 5 years ago, and here he is again. The Blues have this retro theme this year, maybe 50s or so? The players are playing as if they were born then.


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