January 09, 2004

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Ryan sent me this today. He sits across from me at work, and he sent this via IM. Some of you might find that odd to be instant messaging the person across from you, but, really, it's not.

Okay. I'll have to pedal faster. I finished reading the Lion Attacks Bicyclist article, and I looked to the right on the web page. And that's when I saw THIS.

    SAN DIEGO -- Two women have been jailed in San Diego in an alleged poisoning plot.

    Authorities say the pair planned to use the poison ricin to kill the husband of one of the women to get insurance money. The husband is a Marine at Camp Pendleton.

    Authorities say the two women -- both 21 -- are lovers. They allegedly used a recipe they got on the Internet to cook up a small amount of the poison out of castor beans. Authorities don't suspect any terrorism ties.

    California state troopers say they found the ricin in a car the two women were riding in east of San Diego. They say the poison was in a bag.

From this point, it almost sounds like a murder novel. And then it takes a turn for the weird.

    The troopers say they also found a pistol, a handwritten ricin recipe and some castor beans. They say the women were wearing shoplifted clothing -- with the sales tags still attached.
Boy, these two are some smart chickees, no? But this is what takes the cake.

    Authorities say the two had also tried in the past to kill the husband.
Okay, I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. He's still "the husband" after one or more murder attempts?



Posted by hln at January 9, 2004 06:57 PM | Whimsy | TrackBack

Wow! I've had to outsprint stray dogs before (adrenaline is a wonderful thing), but mountain lions?

Posted by: Scott at January 11, 2004 12:17 PM

Weird shit. Castor beans?!

And hey, I like your poetry. Care to submit something for the (delayed) Metastatic Whatnot #2? You can send it to the address listed with this message if you want.

Posted by: Nicholas Liu at January 11, 2004 03:56 PM

I'll just say this (and it's conditional on the husband knowing that his wife was trying to kill him and then staying married) - sometimes Marines live up to the old stereotype of big dummies. God love us, some Marines - even in today's "smarter Corps" - have the IQ of a bag of rocks.

Granted, the percentage of dumb Marines is half that of the American populace as a whole.... but we make up for it by having those guys be twice as stupid.


Posted by: Mike the Marine at January 12, 2004 03:36 PM