January 06, 2004

Good Thing I'm Not a Domestic Engineer, Too

Snarky spouse Brian J. gives you a peek into his work life with his post Thank Goodness Software "Engineers" Aren't Civil Engineers.

The permalink is broken, but it's a top post. Brian forgot to sell a piece of his soul to Blogger AGAIN this month.

About the Domestic Engineer thing - I can't fold t-shirts. Enough said.


Posted by hln at January 6, 2004 10:02 PM | Whimsy | TrackBack

Hey, when you write it "Brian J." it sounds like you are a half-psuedo in-law of Frank J.

Posted by: Phelps at January 7, 2004 12:06 AM

Hmm. Snarky spouse is still on Blogspot. Would he consider joining MuNu?

Posted by: Pixy Misa at January 7, 2004 12:22 AM

Brian J. precedes Frank J. and the blogging phenomenon.

Therefore, Frank J. is the copycat.

Posted by: Brian J. at January 7, 2004 05:19 AM

Copymonkey, anyway.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at January 7, 2004 06:54 AM

I know I proposed Brian at the same time I proposed Heather ('cause I remember saying he was a "hardware guy just like me."). But anywho, he should be a Munuvian, too.

He needs comments desperately. I *know* we've discussed this before, and I respect his decision, but it's no fun reading something good (or stinky) and not being able to comment on it.

Posted by: Victor at January 7, 2004 12:31 PM