October 19, 2003

Buck buck buck BWACK!

We've all read the news. Pamela Anderson...KFC. Yawn.

But Hans sent me this, so let's all go stare at Pamela's fake boobage for a bit and discuss amongst ourselves.

    Pamela Anderson has joined the ranks of celebrities who are urging the public to boycott KFC because of the supposedly uncivilized manner in which the handle Anderson says, "If people knew how KFC treats chickens, they'd never eat another drumstick." Maybe she meant breasts but that's besides the point because this article is supposed to be about breasts...I mean chicken, not breasts. Hard to concentrate here.
Funny, and a good take on the issue. I should've guessed that the material for fake boobs came from the same body's grey matter. All I can think is, wow, how can she run? But she has "friends." Friends at PETA. And when the time is right, they'll send a pulse to Agent Anderson that all is again right in the world and she can go back to studying drumsticks and keeping her mouth shut.

Soon, please. (I notice PETA didn't dispatch her to David Novak's neighbors and church. Yet.)


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Hey you beat me to the story!

In a related story: In a recent Jane magazine article, Pamela is quoted as saying "I've found that I have a lot in common with chimps".

Posted by: Steve (Dork) at October 20, 2003 12:58 PM