October 05, 2003

Minky! Part II

In Minky!, I mentioned that, of course, releasing 1,000 mink would make a mess.

Well, it appears we're on mess part deux.

Great "liberation," Animal Liberation Front. You rock. Minks eating each other - what a vast improvement! Am I against raising animals for fur - yes. Why? Because we can clothe ourselves with things made from plants and from other animals that're killed for food reasons. I'll never support the fur industry. But, it's legal, and private property is private property. What's next, "freeing" the oppressed house cats and dogs?

Jail, then prison. Enjoy. It'll happen.

Oh, too bad pics of this didn't turn up.

    A few mink have been seen recently eating fish along local rivers and one turned up last week at a fruit stand on the edge of this town about 40 miles northeast of Seattle.
Mink with your tomatoes?


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Minky Momo!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at October 5, 2003 09:53 AM

Yes, freeing house pets is next.

Posted by: Phelps at October 5, 2003 10:10 PM