October 03, 2003

You Go, Nic!

I think I've said this before, probably not as well.

    I can probably count on my hands the number of people in the country whose health actually concerns me. If everybody else wanted to eat three Big Macs a day I really don't care. I don't care if people smoke unfiltered Camels and shoot heroin either. Or if they ride motorcycles without helmets. My only objection to any of that is the economic cost I need to absorb when the consequences of their decisions catch up to them, but hey. I walk and hike in tax-supported public parks that the morbidly obese, hypertensive, diabetic, arthritic non-exerciser doesn't use. So maybe it evens out in the end.)
That's from Nic at Shoes, Ships, and Sealing Wax.

She beats up the Center for Science in the Public Interest. She does this with a burrito (I always thought those were soft). Well worth reading.


Posted by hln at October 3, 2003 04:19 PM | Health/Fitness/Nutrition | TrackBack

Well, actually...I really do appreciate the efforts of the CSPI. I don't like the sensationalist tone (though I understand where it comes from) and I think they go too far with efforts like the Quorn ban...but on the whole I'm glad that somebody is getting the information out there. (For the handful of people whose diets do concern me ;-)

Posted by: nic at October 3, 2003 09:40 PM

I can't stand them - the "legislate the food" issues.

There are so many other places to get the skinny, if you will, about your favorites that you expect should be once-in-a-while indulgences.

You don't have to touch their site and will remain a cleaner human by not doing so ;)

I should do a post of how to count your calories, home prepared and otherwise. I'll try to schedule that for the upcoming week.


Posted by: hln at October 3, 2003 10:31 PM

Please do the calorie-count post! One of the things we run into now that hockey season is here is that we are eating out way too much, because we go to the games from work. I can use all the help I can get. Thanks, Heather!

Posted by: Nic at October 4, 2003 07:05 AM

That would help me out too!

Posted by: Ted at October 4, 2003 08:36 AM

And, since I'm one of the folks whose diet Nic *does* care about, I'd benefit from it, too!

BTW, your Munuvian info (when you leave a comment) still links to your BlogSnot site.

Posted by: Victor at October 4, 2003 05:22 PM