June 04, 2003

Off-road Road Bike

Off-road Road Bike

(Subtitled: "Uh oh.")

Vacation is such a good thing. The alarm rings at 5 a.m. I shun it. My poor spouse, who has opted to take vacation a day later than I, scuttles off to work. I awaken at 7 and begin my day.

I putz, I putter, and then I decide to get real things done (because dish-doing, laundry, and bed making are just normal, everyday chores). I take the bike out and hook it onto the bike rack contraption on my car, and off I go to the trail.

The weather is gorgeous. It feels much more like October than June (which is great when it's not rainy). I set out to do 10 or so miles at the local trail, which is twice around. I figure this will be amazingly easy compared to some of my earlier outings - weekends and holidays. And, indeed, the trail is quite empty. The only thing standing between me and a nice soothing (but sweaty) ride is a healthy, gusty, occasional wind.

Oh, and two innocent, slow-moving, widely spaced Islamic-looking women who decide to span the entire breadth of the trail.

Of course, the point at which they do this is right before the bridge, which is a small incline to cross over the lake itself. I try to be polite and go around, but there's just no room, and I veer off a bit too much to the left, having already braked. Oops, on the grass. Clip out right foot and lean right. Nope. Clip out left foot, and lean left, yep. Brake. Lean HARD left. Gently stop self with tree. Still in one piece; not on ground. Whee. That was fun.

All this within the first two miles? What else does my day hold? What quest awaits?



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