June 22, 2003

Why No New Posts Since Thursday (Blame Super Metroid)

It's been a busy weekend in the Noggle household. Friday, I was faced with the I-have-time-off-but-not-much funk, which, for some reason, is sometimes more difficult to parse into something productive than a workday.

I solved this by digging out my Super Nintendo and casting myself in Samus Aran's shoes in Super Metroid. Ooh, ahh - Brinstar, Norfair, Maradia! The Wrecked Ship. Yes, good idea indeed. But it spelled no blog for Friday. (Wouldja look at the shoulders on that chick???)

Saturday was chore day, with anticipation of Sunday being a shot day with my plans to do the short route on the Watermelon Ride. Also, we had some social time with some friends - lunch at South City Diner. I spent a couple of hours digging in the dirt and placing about 60 flowering plants. And then, of course, I finished the chore list at about 8 p.m., and Super Metroid called my name louder than the blog, so, well, you can guess the outcome of that.

And today until now? More chores, more, ahem, Super Metroid, and that little Watermelon Ride thingee, that actually took 2/3 of my day. It's somewhat strange to drive 37.2 miles to ride 22.6 and the 37.2 miles back again. Guess I'll have to ride more to justify it.

That being said, the Watermelon Ride was my first organized ride, and I am pleased to report that I seem to be getting the hang of this bike thing, but I'm still behind where I want to be. About 8 miles of this ride was against some ugly wind (though, thankfully, no hills on this point), so my average speed for the whole ride was probably only about 10 mph. Ugh - that must improve. I'm doing Tour de Cure next Sunday. (No, this isn't a shameless attempt to raise more money - really, um, no, really, um, okay), just the 25 mile, and then I have to start seriously increasing the mileage in preparation for the MS150, held in Columbia, MO in early September.

So, am I forgiven? I got all personal - it ought to be worth something.

Oh, and I have about 10 things in my inbox with a subject of "Blog", so there'll be more...


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