June 25, 2003

An Extreme Example: Please Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Everyone who knows me knows about this. I expressed frothing outrage when first I learned of the news, and I will do so again at a particular statement made by the defense attorney:

    To Mallard's lawyer, "that doesn't amount to murder ... She didn't want her parents to learn what she had done, and she didn't want to go to jail."
Well, lawyer man, that's just ducky. Let me ask you, how do you sleep at night? And here's why I ask:

Chante Mallard
  1. Drove a car while under intoxicating/drugged influence.
  2. Struck a man while driving said car in said condition.
  3. Struck this man with such force that he remained embedded in her car, specifically the windshield.

    Stop right here. If Mallard contacts the authorities and seeks aid for the man she has struck, she's done the best that can be expected of civic duty given that point one violates civic duty. But no.

  4. She drives home with the man still in the windshield.
  5. She puts the car (hence, the man) into the garage.
  6. She has the audacity to APOLOGIZE to the man but not seek help for him.
  7. The man dies. Mallard seeks help in disposing the body.
Does anyone not find the last four points entirely morally reprehensible? And then for the defense to paint the picture of a poor, distraught soul. So, Chante, what does Mommy think now?

Disgusting. Thoroughly disgusting. I propose Circle 7, Round 1. Submerged in hot blood.

Duly sentenced.


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