June 29, 2003

Tour de Cure

Today I rode Tour de Cure for the St. Louis area with a bevy of my coworkers. There were three mapped routes - 20, 50, and 100 miles - all with full support should something go awry.

The event took place in Illinois, which seems to be an amazingly friendly bike state (trails AND roads) - at least it is in all of the areas in Illinois in which I have ridden.

I was slated to ride 20, thinking it was 25 up until the moment I received the map. The savvy gentlemen from work with whom I rode decided 20 was really too much of a cakewalk, so we proceeded up the 50 mile map until about the 16 mile point, and then we turned around - ride totalling about 32 miles.

I really like this bike thing. The weather was perfect (that is, it was perfect if one does not mind reapplying sunscreen three times) and only mildly windy. The whole experience was quite pleasant except for the lovely man in the pick-up truck who could express himself no better than to flip me off. Thank you, Mr. Asshat (thanks, Rachel, for the term) lazy-brained-finger-wagging imbecile. I wonder how you'd fare on a 32-mile ride. Probably not as well as I.

This was good training for the MS150, which I'll be riding in the Columbia, MO area in early September (6th and 7th, to be exact). If ever there was a time to beg for money for sponsorship, this is it. MS150 is a fairly large event, and it's quite a formadable thing to accomplish for a new cyclist.


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