July 06, 2003

Send that Cancer Back to its Mama, Weeping

CNN has a report released on July 1 that explains about cancer what we humans already know deep down if we've ever paid attention to health reports.

It enumerates many risk factors.
    Twenty-nine percent of cancer deaths prevented, again, by focusing on the fundamentals, such as tobacco use, sedentary lifestyle, obesity and cancer screening. If people used all of that stuff, actually focused on that stuff, again, then you can actually cut down these cancer deaths and rates by quite a bit. The numbers, just the absolute numbers, as well, 100,000 cancer cases a year could actually be eliminated and 60,000 cancer deaths. We're not talking about any new drugs, no new treatments here, just focusing on what we know.
Yes, Dr. Gupta. Very nice. Good job of stating the obvious and putting some numbers with it for palatable consumption. Still, maybe a few people will read that, and the little dinging bell will chime, so perhaps I'm being harsh. I still don't expect any radical behavior change based on this nicely packaged info spiel.

Fair, though. This harshness is coming from the woman whose cancer was so rare she became a teaching tool for the local university hospital.

But it ain't gonna come back, and neither is any other kind. I kicked it so hard it ran shrieking, as I say, back to its mama and weeping in horror.


Posted by hln at July 6, 2003 09:01 PM | Health