July 27, 2003

And for the THIRD Time, Blogger. Don't Eat this Post. 88.8 Mile Weekend

No, really, I have written this THREE times. It's short, so I've not had the foresight to, you know, save it in another window, but you'd best believe I'll do that now.

And on to the topic.

Yesterday, I put in 32.5 miles on the bike - a nice ride by myself in some good weather. I had to cut it a bit short because of a scheduled family reunion in the afternoon.

Today, Hans and I rode 46 miles together (roughly, that's from my house to Illinois and back), and then we went our separate ways. I'd imagine he logged another ten to twenty more. I returned home, ate, rewatered, put sunscreen on my face, and went to a bike trail to finish out my riding day with another 10 miles.

So, that's a total of 88.8 (it was 56.2 or something - guess 56.3 for today) for the weekend. And while that's not 150, it's not bad.

The good news? I could've done 20 more pretty easily if need be. Tired quads, slightly sore shoulders, but everything was functional. Yahoo.

A note to the idiot on Creve Couer Park trail: please leash your dogs. I'm sure they're perfectly well behaved, but, you're not the only guy on the trail, and you and the dogs don't get to cover all inches of the two lanes on the trail. Sorry. I'll swerve to avoid a dog, possibly even wipe out. You'd not be as lucky, you jerk.


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