July 30, 2003

So, Do You Feel Better Now, Donna?

Because there you are - top story of CNN, with your <ad hominem>porcine face</ad hominem> and its dim-witted blank sneer (yes, it's possible).

Fame, there it is. Deception. Pain.

Rachel Lucas has already addressed this, so she can do the talking.

I'll do the sentencing. Circle 8, Bolgia 10. You're pretty far down, Donna. Let me give you a quote.

    Polyxena with her there witnessing,
    Saw her Polydorus washed ashore: the weight
    of sorrow drove her mad, her soul so wrung

    She began barking like a dog. And yet,
    No fury of Thebes or Troy was ever seen
    So cruel - not any rending of beasts, and not

    Tearing of human limbs, as I saw shown
    By two pale, naked shades who now ran up
    Biting, the way a pig does loosed from his pen.
How unpleasant.


Posted by hln at July 30, 2003 08:44 PM | RANT