August 04, 2003

Stop the World! Kids Wear Bike Helmets Incorrectly!

Stop the World! Kids Wear Bike Helmets Incorrectly!

Now. If you're my age or a bit younger or older, you probably grew up riding your single, three, or ten speed, without, SHOCKER, a helmet! We're still here!

But, MSN feels the need to write a snippetly article about helmet usage by children and publish it today.

First, "children" aged 18? Um, I'd be remiss not to tell you, but those "children" can vote. I think that's a strange age for a study about children.

At any rate, here's the "state the obvious" quote of the day.

    Wearing a helmet while cycling has been found to sharply cut the risk of head injuries, but wearing it improperly reduces the protective benefit, the report said.

Better even:
    Parkinson urged pediatricians make a helmet fitting part of a child’s regular check-up.
If we do that, then watch for the physicians' helmet certification program and associated malpractice suits.


(Brian, I am sure, is cackling right now. I often gripe at people (usually while driving by - doing no one any good) cycling at speeds at which I believe require a helmet. He's used the word "fascist" in correlation with my ranting. Indeed.)


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