August 04, 2003

PETA Post!

Robert Prather from The Mind of Man found it before I did. And this time it's serious instead of merely ludicrous.

Quoting Robert:

    Earth Liberation Front Bankrolled by PETA
    I've never been a fan of PETA (see here, here, here and here) and their support for ELF, a group of domestic terrorists, won't improve my opinion of them.

    The Earth Liberation Front is already considered the foremost domestic terrorist group (see here also) and a quick glance at their website will show why.

    If PETA's support is verified and holds up in court, they should lose their tax-exempt status, at a minimum. If their support can be shown to contribute to acts of terror, they should be prosecuted.

I don't have his links embedded, so you should go and visit for the whole picture. Also, here's Robert's link to the original article.


Posted by hln at August 4, 2003 09:12 PM | PETA!