September 06, 2003

Look Ma, a Use for Ankle Weights

So, with my restlessness of being home today, I decided to put the home gym to use. I'm so thankful for it.

I did a full body workout today. I learned/reminded myself of a few things.

  1. Plate mates rock.
  2. I don't do concentration curls correctly. Gotta fix that.
  3. Doing crunches while experiencing a rolling stomach: bad.
  4. There IS a use for the ankle weights my mother got me at a garage sale.
Yes, there are four ankle weights on my leg for a grand total of 20 pounds. If I could fit 6, all the better. The lower pair are the garage sale variety - a bit harsh on the leg since the strap cuts in. The other pair I got while I was in college, thinking that leg lifts with 5 lbs would make my legs more shapely. Ha. I have learned the ways of squat, lunge, press, cables, and cycle.

And now I have an improvised home variety for those rare occasions, like today, when I cannot wear shoes and transport myself to the gym. The bad toe/foot is the other. I made sure to hide its maladies from this post.

After lifting this evening, I perused the blogosphere via my blogroll, and I found this beauty.

As I commented there: 1, ow, and 2, what a funny link. Worth visiting.


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