September 13, 2003


Kelley of Suburban Blight had a recent post about geeks, dorks, and nerds, oh, my. I didn't think her geeksplanation was quite good enough, so I commented thus, and several of her readers agreed.

    You're missing a few things - where is the dweeb in all of this, or is he too proletariat?

    The dork - usually says the wrong things in all situations. Using a sock metaphor - he is often to ADHD to figure out where the socks go and may only get one on each day.

    The nerd - usually very good at one thing, and that one thing isn't anything social. He can match his socks one day per week.

    The geek - the greatest being ever to live. Among his own kind, he is a social beast, often conversing with other geeks about geek culture, including techno, software, sciences, science fiction, cyberpunk, video games, etc. Geeks are multi-faceted individuals; for example, my company is full of software developers who are avid cyclists. Reconcile that. Geeks write software to organize their sock drawers. Just because.

Heh, *flex*.


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