September 30, 2003

Molecular Confusion

I think I've found yet another reason to avoid the Atkins diet (as if I needed more).

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- A non-human molecule found in red meat and milk makes its way into the human system when eaten -- and seems to build up especially in tumors, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.

    The compound, called sialic acid, is found on the surfaces of animal cells but is not found in people, and may be one reason why animal-to-human organ and tissue transplants do not work well. Animals have a version called Neu5Gc, while humans carry Neu5Ac.

    But researchers at the University of California San Diego found it does show up in the human body, and showed it can be absorbed from eating red meat and milk.

    They also showed that the body produces an immune response against the molecule.
Hmm. It is just one study, but it raises my awareness. Look for more on sialic acid. I'm sure I'll post more as it becomes available.


Posted by hln at September 30, 2003 05:13 AM | Health/Fitness/Nutrition | TrackBack

Wow. My major concern is soon, someone will do a study showing *everything* causes cancer :)

Fortunately, the gf and I have cut back on red meat.

Posted by: Victor at September 30, 2003 07:45 AM

Yeah, everything but organic broccoli - which I CANNOT STAND.

Still, the more we know...


Posted by: hln at September 30, 2003 07:48 AM

I've seen enough that I don't think that dairy products are particularly healthy, but the benefits of creatine (mentally and physically) outweigh the possible cancer effects.

Posted by: Phelps at October 1, 2003 02:29 PM